26 November 2010

Corn on Macabre - Chapters I & II with Deleted Scenes

Corn on Macabre (hilarious name!) was a screamo/grindcore/emoviolence/whatever band that was around in the early 00's. Kinda like pg.99.
I just found this album and it is FUCKING AWESOME!
13 songs, 12 minutes.

This shitty blog is brought to you by one lone idiot so yeah it doesnt get updated much. At least the few months when i was doing a mediocre job are still up to make it look better

The Kodan Armada - Collections

The Kodan Armada was a band from Louisville, KY. Screamo/emoviolence/whatever in the vein of Orchid and such bands. If you like such musics as that, you will likely enjoy this!

S - Sadstyle

This is really a very special album. This is the solo project of Jenn Ghetto, formerly of Carissa's Wierd. It seems like Jenn Ghetto may have been the real heart of that band, as this album is as heart-wrenching in every way. Not as orchestrated as Carissa's Wierd, but still really spectacular.
My favourite songs are "I Love You Too...", "Elevator", and "Anti-Love Song".

"and the more i hear the more i want to leave this town behind and leave all of you crying all over someone that you just can't have again love again drink again find someone else that you know cause you know it will make you feel better cause you better feel something why else would you be here"

If anyone still reads this blog (considering how infrequently i update), don't miss this one.


Owls - Owls


the only album from Owls, one of the various Kinsella bands such as American Football, Cap'n Jazz, and Joan of Arc

21 October 2010

New Socks - Picture Story Friends Goodbye


I was sent this album by a Molly, a member of the band. It is an extremely good album from a band i am not sure i would have heard of otherwise.
Sort of a lovely folk-pop record, kind of like a more interesting Noah and the Whale. Or, at times, somewhat like Nana Grizol but not exactly.
Every song on the album is excellent, which is pretty rare. They use a large selection of instruments, layered without ever falling into the the excessively-baroque trap that some multi-instrumentalists do. Underneath the interesting instrumentation, still, is some absolutely solid songwriting and great lyrics.
Molly describes the band thus:
"New Socks is Ben Morey, Molly Kerker and Becky Lovell. We started playing together in 2008 and released our first album New So(ck)(ng)s in 2009. We've done one tour where we played in 13 states. Our music is made with guitars, accordion, tambourine, bass, ukulele, banjo, keyboards, piano, trumpet and clarinet. We write honest, mostly autobiographical songs. Picture Story Friends Goodbye is our second album and it will be released on October 12th 2010.
We spent a year recording this album ourselves in an old farmhouse we were living in, that was filled with instruments and surrounded by fields of growing things and singing birds (which come through the quietest parts of the album). The album is about leaving, grasping at childhood and lost family and friends, seeing things die, being in love with everyone and trying not to lose them."
My personal favourite tracks are "Summer", "The Boys I Meet", and "Robin Skull".
Buy the album here.
New Socks is raising money for a short vinyl run and tour here. Donate!

03 October 2010

The One Up Downstairs - The One Up Downstairs


Short 3-song EP from The One Up Downstairs, a 90s emo band featuring Mike Kinsella (of various legendary bands Cap'n Jazz, Joan of Arc, American Football, and Owen). They only ever recorded these 3 songs before the band split up and Kinsella went on to form American Football.
Despite the fact that this EP is only 10 minutes long, it is really great. Especially if you're a fan of American Football. The band not the sport.

Whirl - Distressor


Whirl is a shoegaze band from somewhere in Northern California. I don't really know anything about them, sorry. It is a really good album though, if you're in the mood for shoegazey stuff.
Album is available for purchase here.

The World Is A Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid To Die - Demo 2010

Connecticut band, formed in 2009. Great band name, great album cover, very pleasantly interesting take on emo-style music. Some post-rock influence, as well. Highly recommended.

New Album is available here. It is even better, albeit shorter.

The Jazz June - The Medicine (2000)

The Jazz June was a band from Pennsylvania, formed in 1996. This is a really great album, of a 90s-emo sort of sound.

You'd think i'd have more to say having not posted in a month. Nope.

20 August 2010

Foot Ox - Foot Ox (2007)

God damn i love Foot Ox. This is the self-titled album from the Arizona crazy-experimental-folk-thing band. I have been listening to it nonstop this week. How do i describe in a new way a band i have already posted twice?

There's really nothing quite like it. The closest way to describe this music was if Andrew Jackson Jihad was made up of a bunch of... grown, insane, children. Many of them, making an orchestra of all sorts of instruments and non-instruments. It's incredible.

The whole album is amazing, but my favourites are "Wet Blanket", "I Take My Life", and "I Saw You"

"i saw you when you were unborn and i told your mother it was not worth those ovaries/ so you remain whatever you were before cause i saw your future, it was burning in violence/ now you dont know how long youve been waiting for this world to come knocking"

Incidentally, i obviously have not posted much recently. I wish i could have an excuse like i was busy making millions or having a girlfriend or incredible personal hardships or something. It's nothing of the sort. I am just an unmotivated asshole. Eventually it'll pick up, though I can't say when.

14 August 2010

The Deep Dark Woods - Winter Hours (2009)


Band from Saskatoon, SK. This is excellent country-folk music, with lovely harmonies and sparse, dark instrumentation. For fans of such things as The Wooden Sky, The Avett Brothers, or possibly Townes Van Zandt.

'Farewell' and 'All the Money I Had is Gone' are my favourite songs.

07 August 2010

Rymodee - Songs of Separation and Ghost Mice Split

Rymodee is the lead singer of critically awesome folk-punk band This Is A Pipe Bomb. These two albums are him performing solo. Apparently his name is Rymodee. What sort of name this is, I do not know.

It's kind of like an acoustic version of TBIAPB: country-fied southern punkish folk music. Sounds kinda like Woody Guthrie.

Your Heart Breaks - New Ocean Waves (2005)

Seattle indie-pop band. I've heard them referred to as 'queercore'. I do not know what that means, at least in regards to the music.
"On your MySpace page, you describe your music as "sparse homo pop love songs". What does that mean?

Clyde Peterson: The music is spacious, the words are gay, it's pretty upbeat and the words rhyme, and most of the songs are about trains, getting your whiskey drunk on, and girls. It's the best way I could think of to describe the feeling. It could also say "drunken gay adventure music". That might be another accurate description of the band."
- plan-it-x

Alls i know is that every song on this album is a well-written one. I enjoy it very much.


29 July 2010

So Cow - So Cow (2009)

The whole time I was listening to this self titled album from So Cow (Brian Kelly), i was stricken by a sense of "what the hell am i listening to?". It's erratic, noise-pop that you think is more noise than pop, then more pop than noise. Like if Deerhoof, Foot Ox, and Weezer had a child. Except then you realize it doesnt sound like any of those.

The depth of this music is quite impressive, i recommend you check it out.
'Shackleton', 'Exclamation Mark', and 'To Do List' are my highlights.


26 July 2010

Witch Hunt - As Priorities Decay (2004)

Debut album from Philadelphia anarcho-crust-punk band Witch Hunt. Since discovering this band last fall they have rapidly shot up the list of my most-listened-to bands. I think theyre like #7 now or something. What i mean by this is that they are extremely good. This earlier album sounds different from their later stuff; it is a little less polished and a little more frantic. But man is it awesome. Great steering-wheel drumming music.

My favourite tracks are "Mindless Indentity" and "Sugarcoated Yet it Festers Inside".


19 July 2010

The Sonora Pine - The Sonora Pine II

Band formed by Tara Jane O'Neil following the breakup of math-rock band Rodan.

I haven't felt much like writing anything recently, so:

The Sonora Pine sounds at times like their name suggests- an impressive sound of yearning or longing. But there are times when the sounds sneaks up behind you, as when one is feeling light-headed and the ground sneaks up from behind. There is structure in the Sonora Pine’s songs, but it is a loose structure. Carving their path, finding their way out of a song to another plane and then working themselves back into their original idea is indicative of the sounds of The Sonora Pine.
I know, how much inspiration do you need to write about something someone else created, while creating nothing of your own? Well, therein lies the problem.


10 July 2010

Carissa's Wierd - You Should Be at Home Here (2001)

Carissa's Wierd (no that is not a spelling mistake that is how the band name is spelled) might just be the most consistently sad sounding band i've heard. Not like mopey boo-hooing by any means, they just hit a sweet spot with their sound.

I've never heard any band quite like Carissa's Wierd, and they do that without being senselessly abstract or baroque. Straight ahead instrumentation, singing, and structure, just done simply perfectly. They don't get enough recognition.
i won't need anymore memories
for the next 50 years i could still write you love songs
i won't need anymore photographs
to remember the color of the clothes you wore that night

The Life and Times of William Shakespeare - Secrets Don't Make Friends (and Apparently, Neither Do I)

The Life and Times of William Shakespeare is Blake Elliot Williams. Pleasant lo-fi folk, seeming to draw some influence from Elliott Smith . Excellently written, memorable songs. "I Shall Be Free Again" is my current favourite.

This album available for free download from artist here.


Teenage Bottlerocket - Another Way (2003)

Teenage Bottlerocket is a great, Ramones-esque pop-punk band from Laramie, WY, formed by twin brothers Ray and Brandon Carlisle. Later, Kody Templeman of The Lillingtons also joined the band.

Another Way is their first full-length album.
"Pull the Plug" and "Opportunity" are standout tracks.

08 July 2010

Vietnam Werewolf - Ohio's City

Vietnam Werewolf is a band from Cleveland, Ohio. In addition to having a totally awesome name, they make totally awesome punk rock. Like a harder Latterman possibly, maybe mixed with a little Hot Water Music.
They released this album for free here.

'Patriotic Cancer' is a standout track.
I guess I haven't posted much recently. I will soon, don't fret.

30 June 2010

Defiance, Ohio Splits

Today, i am making a three-album post in anticipation of Defiance, Ohio's new album, Midwestern Minutes, due out on July 6th. (Make sure you buy it!)
But new albums come out all the time, you say! Why the enthusiasm, you say!

It's because Defiance, Ohio is one of my favourite bands of all time. It's pretty simple really. So here's some splits from their earlier years.

Defiance, Ohio and Environmental Youth Crunch (2007)

Four songs. Two Defiance, Ohio; two Environmental Youth Crunch. One of which is a cover of Fortunate Son!
If anyone has anything else EYC ever made, i've never found it. Share!

Defiance Ohio and Ghost Mice (2004)

Ten songs, five of each. One of my favourite Defiance, Ohio tracks is on this album.
That song is Tanks! Tanks! Tanks!
This album is worth listening just for that song, but the whole thing is very strong and is a perfect demonstration of Defiance, Ohio's earlier sound.

Defiance, Ohio and One Reason (2004)

As far as i know, the only other thing One Reason ever released besides the aforelinked LP. Two songs each.
I really think that Defiance, Ohio hit upon a truly special sound with the music from this era (ESPECIALLY Share What Ya' Got). A perfect blend of like... (Young) Pioneers, Jawbreaker, and plan-it-x style folk-punk.

Part of me wishes they would record another Share What Ya' Got. As much as i love all their music, and as much as i look forward to Midwestern Minutes, Share What Ya' Got was a life-changing album for me (for reference, three other life-changing albums were Tom Waits' Rain Dogs and The Heart of Saturday Night, and Andrew Jackson Jihad's People Who Can Eat People are the Luckiest People in the World).


23 June 2010

Twilite - Else

3-song EP from Polish band Twilite, brought to my attention by a "friend of band and kind of their manager". I had never heard of Twilite before but I am glad i have now.
Last.fm tells me this minialbum, Else, is intended to give people an insight to how their style is developing now, in anticipation of a new album in early 2011. I haven't heard any of their pre-Else work but i am surely going to be checking it out now. Else kind of reminds me of my older post of Secondstar.

It's amazing how much is done in this 11 minutes of album. The songs are truly excellent, and head and shoulders above a lot of the indie folk going around these days. I am looking forward to whatever is coming in 2011.


20 June 2010

the summer we went west - Following the Holy Moon Goddess

the summer we went west was a Maryland band, around from 2005-2007. 'Emo' in the vein of Snowing or Castevet. Aka the good kind of 'emo'

Their unusually cool name somehow perfect communicates the sound of their music.

All their material is available on their website: http://www.thesummerwentwest.com/

14 June 2010

Palpitation - I'm Happy Now

Swedish pop-tronica (?) band, similar to Letting Up Despite Great Faults. They're less shoegaze-y than LUDGF (haha what a terrible acronym) but have a similar tone. Beautiful hushed vocals, music that is somehow simultaneously upbeat and kinda sad. It's music that would feel perfectly placed in an indie movie that crosses that interesting zone where intense depressive sadness and intense introspective satisfaction and contentment become the same thing. Maybe that's just me, who knows. Like when you weren't expecting it to go well, and it didn't, but it didn't turn out any worse either. And all you can do is laugh.

I've often wondered how a country as small as Sweden (<10m people) has the time to create so many fantastic musicians. The musician per capita value must be off the charts. 

I'd also like to share the album cover for their new album, because i REALLY like the cover and the new album is also very very good. Even better than this one. But the new album is only a month old and i try not to share albums too close to their release dates.


The Anorexic Olsen Twin - Self Titled

Australian folk-punk band, not dissimilar to Johnny Hobo and the Freight Trains.

"...Or if you are poor, download it from here: http://theanorexicolsentwin.sitesled.com

My name is Chris and this is my band. We make acoustic punk rock music with a gutiar, grand piano, double bass, cello, viola and a whole bunch of violins. We like to party with our dogs, drink coffee, build shit, water our gardens, kill cops and pretty much do whatever the fuck we want." 

How could anyone write a better description than that? It's really a lot of fun. I recommend it!

Little Wings - Light Green Leaves

Little Wings is Kyle Field. Lo-fi, indie stuff in the neighbourhood of Mount Eerie, Adrian Orange, etc.


09 June 2010

Last to Leave - We Drank some M.D... Stuff Happened... I'm Not a Virgin Anymore

Another album from new find Last to Leave. I've been listening to that live album so much i figured i had to post a non-live album. There are just so many OUTSTANDING songs on these albums. I look forward to more from these guys in the future.

Standout tracks: "I Hope You Come Around", "Me and You", "Busk My Life Away".

I also really like the title of this album. No cover though, sorry. I don't even know if one exists.

"When i think of home, you know i'm thinking of you. When i pour a drink, you know i'm really pouring two. If i go to hell, man, i would be so blue... unless it meant i would get to spend the rest of my life with you."


Ampere - The First Five Years

Ampere is a hardcore band from Amherst, Massachusetts. Orchid guitarist Will Killingsworth is a member of this band, formed in 2002. If you're familiar with Orchid you'll know what to expect. Very short (more than half the songs are under one minute long, the longest is just 2:10), pissed off, emotional, intellectual hardcore.


Hunchback - Ugly On The Outside (2006)

Hunchback was a New Jersey DIY punk band, around from 2001-2008. It's kind of a crazy reverbed-surf-rock-noise punk thing. It's messy, energetic, kind of insane, but pretty cool.


05 June 2010

Sourpatch - Crushin (2010)

Twee-punk-pop band from San Jose. I know very little about this band because their last.fm page has no info on it it, but the music is cute and a lot of fun.
From their myspace:

Sourpatch is a four piece 90's pop-worship ensemble from San Jose, Ca---whose songs talk of (but aren't limited to) crushes painfully hopeless, awkwardly awesome and feelings of the like...
We are nice! Give us coffee and food and we'll never stop being yr friend!

If you like Go Sailor, you'll like this too!


24 May 2010

Last to Leave - Live At The Xeno Haus (12/19/09)

Last To Leave, on this live show billed as "Last Avian To Leave Orchestra", is a band from Reno, NV. I know practically nothing about this band, and i correspondingly have no friggin clue where i found these recordings. All i know is that this live recording is a wonderful collection of folk-punk songs in the vein of Rosa and early Defiance, Ohio. Also contains a pretty great cover of Wingnut Dishwashers Union's "Fuck Shit Up".

So here, you go, internet. All the songs are great.

Folk-punk translates well to live recordings. Many other types of music suffer in a live recording format.

18 May 2010

Knucklehead - Voice Among Us

Another from Knucklehead, a fantastic punk band from the locality in which i reside (Calgary).


Mallory - Strange Homes (2010)

New album from Amherst, MA folk-punk band Mallory. I got specific and unsolicited permission to post this album on my blog, which is pretty awesome.

For anyone who liked Lights in the Quarry, Strange Homes has everything that made that album so great, and it has MORE of it.  It shows an evolution of their distinctive take on the folk-punk sound, branching out with accordions, banjos and such things. The whole album is enjoyable start to finish and never lags.

A perfect example of why acoustic instruments of all sorts are superior to electric instruments of any sort.


Black Wine - Black Wine (2010)

New band featuring Jeff Schroek (Jeff Erg, formerly of New Jersey punk legends The Ergs! (one of my favourite bands of all time)), as well as Miranda Taylor and J Nixon of Hunchback.

It sounds at times like... a different take on the sound from The Ergs!'s later Hindsight is 20/20 stuff (which is definitely a good thing), but with the addition of some lovely female vocals. This album is solid start to finish, i highly recommend it.

'Couch Critics' is a standout track.


09 May 2010

Shotmaker - The Complete Discography 1993-1996


okay fuck it. basically what it was about is this band, Shotmaker.
Shotmaker was a band from Belleville, Ontario. This collection is everything recorded during their short existence.

i had some sentence about how Shotmaker is one of those bands with a cult following like Drive Like Jehu and Jawbreaker. i had said how the combination of being a genre landmark, particularly one from the early 90s, that still stands the test of time is a surefire recipe for cult status. also, all three bands ive mentioned are fucking awesome.

Occuring stylistically somewhere in the neighbourhood of Drive Like Jehu and Orchid.

'Failure' is a standout track.

The first copy of this post was better i swear. I cant write it twice because when i type these im basically just talking to myself. my writing style is talking to myself.

Thelonious Monk - Solo Monk (1964)

So i've been listening to a lot of Thelonious Monk recently. Honestly, a lot of jazz really puts me off cause a lot of it tends to be really overproduced or just dull. Also, i FUCKING HATE SAXOPHONES. No offense to anyone who likes or plays saxophone, but they are my least favourite instrument of all time. They just suck and sound awful. And lots of jazz is loaded with saxophones.

Jazz piano is where it's at. As soon as i listened to this album i could immediately see the tremendous influence it had on Tom Waits' (my favourite musician of all time) piano playing. Particularly that of Nighthawks at the Diner, The Heart of Saturday Night, and Small Change. In fact, i just discovered now that this album is Tom Waits' second favourite album of all time. I was also pleased to see Murderous Home on that list.
Monk said 'There is no wrong note, it has to do with how you resolve it'. He almost sounded like a kid taking piano lessons. I could relate to that when I first started playing the piano, because he was decomposing the music while he was playing it. It was like demystifying the sound, because there is a certain veneer to jazz and to any music, after a while it gets traffic rules, and the music takes a backseat to the rules. It's like aerial photography, telling you that this is how we do it. That happens in folk music too. Try playing with a bluegrass group and introducing new ideas. Forget about it. They look at you like you're a communist. On Solo Monk, he appears to be composing as he plays, extending intervals, voicing chords with impossible clusters of notes. 'I Should Care' kills me, a communion wine with a twist. Stride, church, jump rope, Bartok, melodies scratched into the plaster with a knife. A bold iconoclast. Solo Monk lets you not only see these melodies without clothes, but without skin. This is astronaut music from Bedlam.
- Tom Waits

Fire On Fire - The Orchard

Fire On Fire used to be the art-punk-prog-chaos collective Cerberus Shoal, but they ditched their electric instruments, went into hiding for a while, and now play all acoustic—stand up bass, mandolin, banjo, harmonium, accordion, acoustic guitar, dobro etc etc, and they all sing and harmonize on the songs. Live, they do it “old school” and just use two mics placed in front of them on the stage, like a bluegrass band. --last.fm
What an exciting discovery! These guys are goooood. Like a less punk-influenced Blackbird Raum.
I love acoustic instruments, folk music (especially hodgepodge, multi-influence folk), and things written in a minor key. I especially love acoustic minor-key folk music.
Oh now i figured out some of the songs remind of Joanna Newsom as well.


04 May 2010

Orchid - Orchid (2001)

Self-titled album from screamo progenitors Orchid, who were from Amherst, MA and around from 1997-2002. Between them and pg.99 is everything screamo could have been before the 00's happened and the genre was co-opted by terrible radio-friendly pop-rock "screamo" bands (Thurday, Thrice, The Used). The other side of that is the fact that almost all first-wave screamo bands around these days are French, repetitive, and terribly unoriginal; doomed to rehash Orchid and Joshua Fit For Battle riffs until the end of time.
For a pictoral example of what i am talking about/how i am saying it, click here. I swear i don't normally look like that.

Anyway Orchid is still awesome.

And YES screamo is a terrible genre name but its understandable and theres no way in hell i'm calling anything 'skramz'.

02 May 2010

Evil Robot Us'/Abusing the Word Split

Split from Abusing the Word and Evil Robot Us'. As i mentioned in the Evil Robot Us' post from uh... the first day of this blog, they have a demo and this split (which i just tracked down) in addition to their one EP.

I had never heard of Abusing the Word and downloaded this just because i love Evil Robot Us', but i was pleasantly surprised by the entire split.

Marcelo Zarvos - Sin Nombre OST (2009)

Soundtrack from the movie Sin Nombre (Without Name), a Spanish-language film about, in a nutshell, Mara Salvatrucha. Which is a Central American gang. It's also about immigration. The director spent almost two years researching and spending time with MS gang members, as well as riding on top of trains with immigrants.

The movie is fantastic, so i recommend you watch it.

The soundtrack is also very good. Stylistically it reminds me a lot of Clint Mansell (The Fountain, Requiem for a Dream). Except, of course, a lot more Latin-influenced.

01 May 2010

Johnny Hobo and the Freight Trains - Chaos Infiltration Squad!

Another album from Johnny Hobo (aka Pat the Bunny aka i have no idea what his real name is) and the Freight Trains.

As always, the incredible songs more than make up for the low recording quality.

Incidentally, here is an extremely interesting interview with Pat the Bunny.

29 April 2010

The Bill Murray Experience - T'Aint No Sin

Much like their namesake, The Bill Murray Experience are pretty fucking cool. Old-timey jazz, ragtime,  and roots music, but new!

I'm really not in a write-y mood tonight, sorry.


Death Vessel - Nothing Is Precious Enough for Us (2008)

Folk band headed by singer-songwriter Joel Thibodeau. You may be surprised to learn that the singing on this album is performed by Joel, as it is in an unusually high register for a male. Regardless, it really works with the music. It is interesting modern folk music, with fantastic acoustic guitar playing and very tasteful additions of other instruments scattered thoughout. The electric guitar solos, when they appear, are almost Marc Ribot-ish, which adds an interesting flavour to the songs.


23 April 2010

Blackbird Raum - Under the Starling Host (2009)

Newest album from Blackbird Raum, the best banjo/accordion/singing saw/washtub bass/washboard anarcho-folk-punk band around.
Blackbird Raum formed out of the nucleus of a squatter community living in abandoned buildings and greenbelt treehouses in Santa Cruz, CA, in the early 2000's. Finding themselves living without electricity, they began to learn to play folk instruments from each other and other members of the traveling punk/folk culture. They all grew up playing in anarcho-punk, indie and ska bands and then, knowing next to nothing about traditional music, slowly gathered together the skills to create a new genre of music, based somewhere right in the middle of punk and folk.

Refusing the retro cliches of many of their contemporaries, they write entirely original music (in both senses of the word) that is reflective of the world they live in: a realm of abusive police, ecological devastation, creeping ambiguity and vague fear, but also a strong sense of community and a deep love of a natural world constantly on the verge of collapse. They jump back and forth between extremely fast metal-influenced jug band dance numbers and quasi-medieval chant-and-drone while doing herky-jerky hardcore-influenced time signature gymnastics...   - - - http://www.blackpowderrecords.com/raum/

Anyone who has read my blog for more than 5 minutes (most don't), knows that i have a special love for old-timey folk, and same aforementioned influence applied to modern music that dominates my music preferences.