23 November 2012

Letters Home - Take Your Time

Letters Home is a mathy punk band from Tallahassee, Florida. I was sent this album by bandmember David. This album is super cool, it's like a mathy, punkier version of Built to Spill. If you don't know Built to Spill, you should. But that's beside the point. This is a great EP, Letters Home is a really cool band, and i hope to hear more of them.


Send Away Stranger - Cool Wild Whatever

So when David of Letters Home contacted me, he also mentioned some other bands that the members of Letters Home have been in. Once i check them all out i may post them. This was the first one I checked out, and it is rad so i am posting it right now. Send Away Stranger is an emo band in the style of Dowsing/Snowing et al. That is to say, it is really goddamn awesome. That style of almost revivalist emo is one of my favourite things going on in music these days.

My Man - Foul Brood

My Man is a folky-pop-rock band from Toronto, consisting of Rachael, Jacob, Matt, and Lautaro. Rachael sent me this album, and informed me that this 3-song demo is available for free, and that they will be coming out with a 7" some time in the new year. Nice folk-rock like Said the Whale or New Socks. If anything, My Man definitely has more musically interesting songs than a lot of comparable bands. Definitely a winner! Keep an eye on this band.

William Elliott Whitmore - The Jarret Mitchell demos

So i had only ever heard of this demo album. It is mentioned on Wikipedia but because nobody i've found in the last 7 years knows anything about it, I was doubting its existence.
Recently I found this on some Russian filesharing site. It was difficult as I cannot read Russian.

It is William Elliott Whitmore's (supposedly) original demo album, from 1999. Some 4 years prior to the release of his first album, Hymns for the Hopeless. My information could be wrong as I am just going off the wikipedia article.

So perhaps someone has been looking for this. Enjoy!
For anyone who doesn't know who William Elliott Whitmore is, he plays awesome gritty folk-country-americana type music.

12 November 2012

Brave Bird - Ready or Not (2010)

Brave Bird is a band from Michigan. This album was released in 2010. Then it seems there was a single track released in 2011. Apparently there will be a full length coming out on Count Your Lucky Stars soon. I look forward to it!
Awesome emo jams.

Voices - No Longer Capable

Voices was a melodic hardcore band from Calgary. I know some of the dudes who were in it. I think they might be fans of Ruiner. I mean really, everyone should be fans of Ruiner.


The Coast - Expatriate (2008)

The Coast was a Canadian band that received a bunch of acclaim and promptly broke up. They're a pretty rad indie band. Catchy, radio friendly. Some folky influence, and i think i detect some Matt Good influence. Maybe a bit like Wintersleep?
I guess I'm saying they're pretty Canadian.
Good album!

03 November 2012

JTT - S/T 7"

Okay now it seems like in addition to the bogus mediafire DMCA takedowns, opendrive deleted my account or something. What a pain. Anyway im using the native Bandcamp streaming format for the time being.

Anyway! I was recently talking with my friend Indiana Laub of Quick Attack! / Secret Pennies Records, and she sent me another pack of awesome music from her label! She is the best.
Among those albums was this album, by Oregon band JTT. I have listened to this album several times through already tonight, it is a great EP - sort of a gruff melodic punk thing.

I am consistently amazed at the music Secret Pennies puts out. Check it out, buy some tapes and albums! You won't be disappointed.

DAPHNE - Quilla

DAPHNE is a band from Houston. This is their latest album, available for free on bandcamp (link below). It is a four song EP, and I am loving it. The first song is slower and acoustic, and it gets more energetic as you get further into the album.


02 November 2012

Moon Bandits - Straight Thinking Means Plain Speaking

I received this recommendation via email from bandmember Tommy. Moon Bandits is an awesome folk-punky band with really catchy melodies and some nice banjo-ing. I am really enjoying this. They sound like they might enjoy Ramshackle Glory. Perfect usage of banjo.