20 August 2010

Foot Ox - Foot Ox (2007)

God damn i love Foot Ox. This is the self-titled album from the Arizona crazy-experimental-folk-thing band. I have been listening to it nonstop this week. How do i describe in a new way a band i have already posted twice?

There's really nothing quite like it. The closest way to describe this music was if Andrew Jackson Jihad was made up of a bunch of... grown, insane, children. Many of them, making an orchestra of all sorts of instruments and non-instruments. It's incredible.

The whole album is amazing, but my favourites are "Wet Blanket", "I Take My Life", and "I Saw You"

"i saw you when you were unborn and i told your mother it was not worth those ovaries/ so you remain whatever you were before cause i saw your future, it was burning in violence/ now you dont know how long youve been waiting for this world to come knocking"

Incidentally, i obviously have not posted much recently. I wish i could have an excuse like i was busy making millions or having a girlfriend or incredible personal hardships or something. It's nothing of the sort. I am just an unmotivated asshole. Eventually it'll pick up, though I can't say when.

14 August 2010

The Deep Dark Woods - Winter Hours (2009)


Band from Saskatoon, SK. This is excellent country-folk music, with lovely harmonies and sparse, dark instrumentation. For fans of such things as The Wooden Sky, The Avett Brothers, or possibly Townes Van Zandt.

'Farewell' and 'All the Money I Had is Gone' are my favourite songs.

07 August 2010

Rymodee - Songs of Separation and Ghost Mice Split

Rymodee is the lead singer of critically awesome folk-punk band This Is A Pipe Bomb. These two albums are him performing solo. Apparently his name is Rymodee. What sort of name this is, I do not know.

It's kind of like an acoustic version of TBIAPB: country-fied southern punkish folk music. Sounds kinda like Woody Guthrie.

Your Heart Breaks - New Ocean Waves (2005)

Seattle indie-pop band. I've heard them referred to as 'queercore'. I do not know what that means, at least in regards to the music.
"On your MySpace page, you describe your music as "sparse homo pop love songs". What does that mean?

Clyde Peterson: The music is spacious, the words are gay, it's pretty upbeat and the words rhyme, and most of the songs are about trains, getting your whiskey drunk on, and girls. It's the best way I could think of to describe the feeling. It could also say "drunken gay adventure music". That might be another accurate description of the band."
- plan-it-x

Alls i know is that every song on this album is a well-written one. I enjoy it very much.