27 November 2011

Reuben Bullock - Pulling Up Arrows


So during an extremely fun night out last night this fella + band was playing in the bar. I thought they were very good! Cool folky thing, reminds me of Bruce Peninsula a little bit, or The Wooden Sky. It was very enjoyable and they sounded fantastic live. Then i listened to this album today and was even more impressed by the songs once i could focus on them.



Ages - Sleep On It


Ages is a melodic hardcore band from Cleveland. Reminiscent of Ruiner (who we miss every day) and Defeater. 
This whole album is ten songs but only 14 minutes long. They are short songs. In fact, the longest song is 1:55.

The Dirtys - You Should Be Sinnin' (1997)


The Dirtys was a garage-punk band from Port Huron, Michigan. They released one album and broke up.
This sounds kind of like The Reatards, or a way crazier MC5.
Way fuckin high-energy

Possessed By Paul James - Feed The Family

Konrad Wert is one-man band Possessed By Paul James. It is fairly old-style bluesy folk with banjos and fiddles and such. Reminds me of Agnostic Mountain Gospel Choir.


21 November 2011

The New & Very Welcome - Drowning In It! (2007)

Another great find! The New & Very Welcome is a young lady named Jessica (can i say young lady? that makes me sound 100 years old i am not 100 years old i swear i think i am still 24?) . It reminds me somewhat of Carissa's Wierd or Jenn Ghetto's music as S. So since i love both those bands i really dig the hell out of this.
From her website: 

"Hello. My name is Jessica.  I am 22 years old.  I am kind of a jerk.  I am full of spite and constant longing.(...)  You probably haven’t heard of me and you probably won’t.  I began writing songs in 2004 to help myself cope with reoccurring problems concerning the general nature of my relationships with other human beings.  [It hasn’t really helped.]  I’ve written a lot of songs since then.  Very few am I happy with.  I am awkward, I am shy, and I probably won’t remember your name."

She definitely sounds like my kind of person. Really enjoying this lately, check it out. New album coming December.

AND AND AND she did a 7" of covers of The Saddest Landscape songs oh my goodness that is so fuckin rad (did i ever do a Saddest Landscape post? it appears not)

Bellows - As if to Say I Hate Daylight

Bellows is Oliver Kalb, from New York state. It's a pretty awesome lo-fi pop thing like i've been posting lately. You may have noticed i go in phases. i've also noticed none of you jerks look at my past postings. You should.

13 November 2011

Fenster - Bones


Fenster is a band composed of JJ (from NYC), Jonathan (Berlin) and Lukas. I just found this today and it is super rad. Reminds me of Dead Man's Bones, with its haunting minimalist arrangements.
Their bandcamp says "deconstructed pop music" and I'd say that is fairly accurate. This is REALLY good, i hope to see more of this band in the future.

The Way We Were in 1989 - The Way We Were in 1989


It's been a good day for me finding new music! And these guys don't even have a last.fm yet.
The Way We Were in 1989 is a duo (Kelly and Joy) from Seattle. They've got a really cool bedroom-pop sound that evokes stuff like The Magnetic Fields and like Joy Division maybe. Except different. It's a creative sound they've got going on here and I am pleased to have found it.

05 November 2011

Shakey Graves - Roll The Bones

Shakey Graves is a gentleman from Texas. I don't know anything about this gentleman save for the fact that he writes some nice songs. A sort of lo-fi Americana type of deal.


for the agenda - The Downfall

for the agenda is Anton Kropp, formerly of the summer we went west, and currently of Monument. Really nice songs, i downloaded all available albums (below) and they are all pretty damn super.

All for the agenda tunes are available for free on bandcamp http://fortheagenda.bandcamp.com/

C.W. Stoneking - Jungle Blues

C.W. Stoneking is a fellow from Australia. He plays a neat revival of old-timey musics. This particular one is a New Orleans jazz type of theme. Another album he made is very Mississippi blues-y. Talented guy.