19 July 2010

The Sonora Pine - The Sonora Pine II

Band formed by Tara Jane O'Neil following the breakup of math-rock band Rodan.

I haven't felt much like writing anything recently, so:

The Sonora Pine sounds at times like their name suggests- an impressive sound of yearning or longing. But there are times when the sounds sneaks up behind you, as when one is feeling light-headed and the ground sneaks up from behind. There is structure in the Sonora Pine’s songs, but it is a loose structure. Carving their path, finding their way out of a song to another plane and then working themselves back into their original idea is indicative of the sounds of The Sonora Pine.
I know, how much inspiration do you need to write about something someone else created, while creating nothing of your own? Well, therein lies the problem.


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