28 July 2009

The Pack A.D. - Tintype (2008)

1. Gold Rush
2. All Damn Day Long
3. Snow
4. This Terror
5. Stray
6. Pilot's Blues
7. Hardtack Saloon #1
8. What's Up There
9. Bang
10. Paper Bag
11. Got Up
12. Cabin
13. Hardtack Saloon #3
14. Buyin' My Way
15. Walk On
16. Hardtack Saloon #2
17. Bone Handle

The Pack A.D. is a female duo from Vancouver. Consisting of Becky Black and Maya Miller, it's garage-blues (I guess?) similar to The Black Keys or one of Jack White's various bands. Anyone who likes The Black Keys will probably like this, but The Pack A.D. has a distinctive enough sound to be worthy of recognition on their own. Very well done, solid blues rock.


Waxwing - Intervention: Collection + Remix (2001)

1. Intervention
2. Kill the Messenger
3. Manicotti
4. Charmageddon
5. Laboratory
6. All of My Prophets (live)
7. New Year's Day (live)
8. Laboratory (live)
9. Spanish Remix

Waxwing was a band that was around from 1996-2005. The internet tells me that this would be an example of "mid-9os emo". I have no idea what that means and it doesn't sound like any 'emo' I'm familiar with so I'll assume that it meant something different in the 90s. This was the band Rocky Votolato was in before he went solo. Personally, I think it shares some similarities with The Vermicious Knid.

Oh, and I have no idea what the deal is with track 9 but it sounds nothing like the rest of the album.


24 July 2009

French Quarter - French Quarter (2008)

1. Bold With Fire
2. Debt
3. Stay
4. In June
5. Snake Fantastic
6. Before the Sun
7. Judgement
8. Golden Heart
9. For Andy
10. Build Fires

Quiet acoustic (mostly) album by French Quarter, aka Stephen Steinbrink. Sounds kind of like Adrian Orange, possibly Mount Eerie, or Peter and the Wolf.

And yes I expended all my commentary on the last post.


23 July 2009

Nana Grizol - Love it! Love it! (2008)

1. Circles 'Round the Moon
2. Tamborine-N-Thyme
3. Less Than the Air
4. Motion in the Ocean
5. Voices Echo Down the Halls
6. Stop and Smell Thee Roses
7. Tiny Rainbows
8. Will We
9. Everything You Ever Hoped or Worked For
10. Broken Cityscapes
11. The Idea that Everything Could Possibly Ever be Said

This album makes me so happy. Featuring Theo Hilton of Defiance, Ohio; Laura Carter of Neutral Milk Hotel; and Madeline Adams (who performs solo as Madeline). Nana Grizol doesn't really sound like any of those bands but shares it use of horns with Neutral Milk Hotel and its fantastic songwriting with Defiance, Ohio. Kinda folk, kinda pop, kinda punk, all happy.

Some demos of this band exist that are almost solely Theo Hilton singing and playing acoustic guitar, and they're also really good, but this is the only full album from Nana Grizol thus far.


sub.bionic - you i lov/// (2001)

1. Last Song on Earth
2. Plum
3. sub.bionic Radio
4. Quasi-Dead
5. Love Trans Holistic Bottle
6. Hush
7. God in Neutral
8. Reply (Without Recourse)
9. From: Achtung Moon
10. Phonophobic
11. Heart Attack
12. Blumonster
13. Nuclear Bomb Parade

This band seems to have truly fallen off the face of the earth. They made 3 albums between 2001 and 2005, of which this was the only one to be released on a label. I haven't been able to find any information on what happened to them after 2005, so I think it's safe to assume they don't exist anymore.

Anyway, they sound somewhat like Radiohead but not really like a ripoff of Radiohead. Really, the album is worth checking out just on the strength of 'God in Neutral'.


19 July 2009

The Ergs! - Dork Rock Cork Rod (2004)

1. First Song Side One
2. A Very Pretty Song for a Very Special Lady
3. Extra Medium
4. Fishbulb
5. Most Violent Rap Group
6. Pray for Rain
7. Saturday Night Crap-O-Rama
8. Running Jumping Standing Still
9. It's Never Going to Be the Same Again
10. August 19th
11. Maybe I'm the New Messiah
12. Rod Argent
13. Everything Falls Apart (And More)
14. Vampire Party
15. I Feel Better Tonight
16. 180 Emotional Ollie

Possibly the best album by undoubtedly the best pop-punk band ever. Not that their other albums aren't good, because they're all great. This one is just exceptional. Many people have a negative view of pop-punk (and rightfully so, in many cases), but The Ergs! could almost singlehandedly redeem the entire genre on their own.
The Ergs! are reasonably well-known, but not nearly well-known enough. It's high-energy, intentionally geeky pop-punk done perfectly. Tragically, they broke up in 2008.

I read a review a while ago that said, "If you don't like The Ergs!, then you're an asshole." I would be inclined to agree.


Mallory - Lights in the Quarry

1. One Hand Extended to You, Another to Traffic
2. Swingin' Against Fascism
3. Ghost People
4. Fine Wine and Ladies
5. The Devil in the Moonlight
6. This Song Kills Cops
7. Red, White, and Blues
8. God in the Details
9. Fuck This... I'm Leaving
10. Boxcar Joe
11. The Quarry
12. Teeth in the Dark
13. We Lit a Fire
14. Song for Sylvan

I don't know a whole lot about this band. I know they're a folk-punk band from Amherst, MA. Most people would probably consider them a local band but in the age of the internet 'local' only really matters for concerts. They have their album available for free anyway but I guess exposure is exposure, even if it's on a blog that nobody in the whole world reads.


16 July 2009

Yesterday's Ring - Onze Chanson pour Faire Pleurer les Morts Vivants (2003)

1. Les Morts Vivants se Muerent
2. Roaming on St-Catherine Street
3. East of St-Laurent, South of Sherbrooke
4. Plein de Tendresse (C. Dubois)
5. Punk Rock is Not Dangerous Anymore
6. Libre a la Base
7. My Favourite
8. Cinema Girl
9. Les Routes de l'Ennui (G. Valiquette)
10. When the Morning Ends
11. Y Manque de Volcan dans le Rack a Sauce

Bilingual folk-punk/country band formed by members of Quebecois punk band The Sainte Catherines. As good as The Sainte Catherines are, I think I might like Yesterday's Ring more. It's a good acoustic-side-project-done-by-guys-from-a-punk-band album such as those by Chuck Ragan, Tim Barry etc.


13 July 2009

Tom Frampton - Making Folk a Threat Again

1. Intro
2. (Another Song About) Mexico
3. Honesty is not Fucking Emo
4. No Title
5. Johnny
6. Ms. Jackson
7. Young Punx in Love (Pirates Over Ninjas)
8. No Title
9. Ambush
10. Sectarian Communist Party Blues
11. No Title
12. Best of Intentions
13. Yonder in the Minor Key
14. No Title
15. Guatemalan Rain
16. 25 Minutes To Go
17. Outro

Anarchist acoustic folk-punk singer. The vocals may take some getting used to, but the songs are really well written for the most part. Co-founder of the Riot-Folk collective. Was once arrested at the Republican National Convention for heckling Dick Cheney, which I find hilarious.

I don't know what year exactly this album is from, I've never seen the cover and have been unable to find one, and to the best of my knowledge this is the only named album he has put out. I'm not even sure if this album was ever physically released.



12 July 2009

The Heavy - Great Vengeance and Furious Fire (2008)

1. That Kind of Man
2. Colleen
3. Set Me Free
4. You Don't Know
5. Girl
6. Doing Fine
7. In the Morning
8. Bruk Pocket Lament
9. Dignity
10. Who Needs the Sunshine

Honestly, I'm surprised this band isn't bigger than they are. This album is good. Really good. So I'm sure it's just a matter of time. Kind of like a British version of The Black Keys playing old R&B or soul. Fantastic vocals, catchy choruses, and eminently danceable. Keep an eye out for this band.


LaGrecia - On Parallels

1. Hey Medic
2. You Like Baseball I Like Ghosts
3. According to My Notes
4. Don't Wanna Be Right
5. Slower than Manasses
6. In the Grass
7. Can't Go Back to Daddy's
8. Two Shotguns
9. My Lightning
10. Silently Just
11. The Montage

Another band that I heard one album of, got really into, and then when I tried to find more I discovered they had already broken up. In fact, they broke up before On Parallels, their first album, was even released. Bummer.
In any case, it has Jason Shevchuk of None More Black on vocals, and as a result it does sound quite a bit like None More Black.


Stolen Bikes Ride Faster - Nothing Has Changed (2006)

1. I Result Impatient
2. They've Drawn A Strip (About an Old Sad Clown Drinking his Beer After the Sunset)
3. Fall Down
4. Wear Holes
5. Eyesblinder
6. Black Lungs, Pink Eyes, and Puddles

An EP by an Italian (lyrics are in English) punk rock band that I acquired in my adventures through the internet. Solid, melodic punk rock; think Dillinger Four, Latterman, or a faster Grade. It's nothing particularly inventive, but I doubt that's what they were going for. As it is, its a energetic and solid, if short, album.


11 July 2009

Halo Fauna - Durak (2008)

1. Discourse
2. Rehashing Descartes
3. Exposure, Processing, and Recording
4. Futility and Familiarity
5. Buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo
6. Clay v. United States
7. Blame a Bird for Your Shortcomings
8. Infamous Apology
9. Desperado Plunge

Another band from the plan-it-x label, Halo Fauna was originally conceived as a vehicle for lead singer Eric Ayotte's songs. Mostly eschewing the folk-punk sound typical of plan-it-x, Halo Fauna somewhat resembles the indie rock of The Weakerthans. Or Jawbreaker with the guy from The Mountain Goats singing. In any case, it's really good. Eric Ayotte also released a solo acoustic album, which is also excellent.


09 July 2009

Knucklehead - Hostage Radio (2004)

1. Hostage Radio
2. We're on Side
3. Shelters
4. Parasite
5. The Cause
6. Fuck'em if They Stare
7. Plight of the Living Dead

Words cannot express the awesome that is Knucklehead. They're a punk band from Calgary that has been around for nearly 15 years. Brilliant, catchy, unpretentious punk rock from my hometown. I can single out 'Shelters' as an exceptional track on what is already a fantastic album. LISTEN AND ENJOY.


08 July 2009

Astronautalis - The Mighty Ocean & Nine Dark Theatres (2006)

1. Short Term Memory Loss
2. Meet Me Here Later
3. Seaweed Sheets
4. Lost At Sea (Part 1: That Old Sin)
5. (Part 2: The Getaway)
6. A Love Song for Gary Numan
7. Barrel Jumping (A Man of Letters)
8. Astigmatism
9. Skeleton (Everybody's Favorite)
10. My Dinner with Andy
11. Xmas in July
12. Down and Out in the Bold New City
13. Meet Me Here Later (Reprise)

And now for something completely different.
Unlike the last few bands, Astronautalis (real name Andy Bothwell) is definitely still active, and definitely not folk-punk. Sort of white-guy indie hip-hop similar to Buck 65 or Why?

I was debating whether to post Astronautalis' debut album You and Yer Good Ideas or this, his sophomore album. I went with this one just because it's so goddamn good. Check it out, enjoy it, buy the new album if you like it.


One Reason - All Rivers Run South, All Roads Lead Home (2003)

1. Sometimes we Bleed
2. The Black and the Red
3. The Story of a Hometown
4. A Legacy of Empty Buildings
5. Bout Time we Give Something a Try
6. Southern Rock Anthem
7. Dead End Roads
8. Rest Stop
9. Song We Sing
10. No Surrender

To the best of my knowledge, One Reason still exists, although they haven't put out an album since 2006 and their official website does not exist anymore. Regardless, this is a pretty fun album, sounding at times like Avail or perhaps old Hot Water Music.

Bassist and vocalist Ronny Joe Cresswell later left One Reason to record a solo acoustic album as Saw Wheel.


07 July 2009

The Vermicious Knid - Smalltown Devotion/Hometown Compulsion (2005)

1. Smalltown Devotion
2. Century Soldiers
3. These Werewolves
4. The Ghosts of Drunken Past
5. Pop Ideal
6. Tour of Truckstops
7. The Problem's in my Muscles
8. Bodies in Bars
9. Home and Native Land
10. Naked Strangers
11. Glowing Boys
12. Waiting for my Man
13. Hometown Compulsion

The Vermicious Knid was a band from Brantford, Ontario. They were around from 2000-2005 and released 2 EP's and one full length album, then disbanded. I wasn't even aware of The Vermicious Knid until a couple years after they ceased to exist, which is a shame as they were a fantastic band. Smalltown Devotion/Hometown Compulsion, their one full length album, never gets old for me.

Vermicious Knid lead singer Tim Ford now co-owns and operates not-for-profit music venue The Ford Plant in Brantford.


Evil Robot Us' - In Song and in Dance EP (2004)

1. Sea Saw(ng)
2. The Forest (As a Medium for Change)
3. Birth of Tragedy
4. The Honesty in Rooftops
5. Yr Parents Still Tie Yr Laces Don't Hurry to Learn

Another very short-lived folk-punk band. Alternating loud/quiet parts and male/female vocals make a dynamic and fairly distinctive sound. Aside from these 13-odd minutes of music, and one split and one demo that are out of print, this is all that exists of this band as their website hasn't been updated since 2005.


06 July 2009

Rosa - I Mississippi You (2003)

1. Chapel Hill
2. Leah's Song
3. Hit the Bottle
4. Starch & Carbohydrates
5. Scan to Print
6. Asheville
7. Bike Rides and High Fives
8. Hitched Up Kids
9. You Can Almost Hold it in your Hand
10. Milk Crates
11. Greg Allen
12. Whiskey

Short-lived folk-punk band in the vein of Defiance, Ohio or possibly Ghost Mice. As far as I can determine, they only ever put out this album, and one EP I haven't been able to track down. They toured as part of plan-it-x fest and broke up shortly thereafter. Too bad, because this is a really good album.


Ruiner - Prepare To Be Let Down (2007)

1. Prepare to be Let Down
2. Bottom Line: Fuck You
3. The Lives we Fear
4. That Stone Better be on Fire
5. 40 Miles North
6. A Song for Beggars
7. Long Time Coming
8. Repetition
9. Choke on it
10. When the Morning Ends
11. Sleepless
12. Kiss That Motherfucker Good Night

Ruiner is a band from Baltimore that makes short, fast, angry songs that sound a little rougher around the edges than many of their contemporaries. Shares some similarities with The Carrier and Sinking Ships. Prepare to be Let Down has a couple unmemorable songs but overall is a solid, if short, album.