29 July 2010

So Cow - So Cow (2009)

The whole time I was listening to this self titled album from So Cow (Brian Kelly), i was stricken by a sense of "what the hell am i listening to?". It's erratic, noise-pop that you think is more noise than pop, then more pop than noise. Like if Deerhoof, Foot Ox, and Weezer had a child. Except then you realize it doesnt sound like any of those.

The depth of this music is quite impressive, i recommend you check it out.
'Shackleton', 'Exclamation Mark', and 'To Do List' are my highlights.


26 July 2010

Witch Hunt - As Priorities Decay (2004)

Debut album from Philadelphia anarcho-crust-punk band Witch Hunt. Since discovering this band last fall they have rapidly shot up the list of my most-listened-to bands. I think theyre like #7 now or something. What i mean by this is that they are extremely good. This earlier album sounds different from their later stuff; it is a little less polished and a little more frantic. But man is it awesome. Great steering-wheel drumming music.

My favourite tracks are "Mindless Indentity" and "Sugarcoated Yet it Festers Inside".


19 July 2010

The Sonora Pine - The Sonora Pine II

Band formed by Tara Jane O'Neil following the breakup of math-rock band Rodan.

I haven't felt much like writing anything recently, so:

The Sonora Pine sounds at times like their name suggests- an impressive sound of yearning or longing. But there are times when the sounds sneaks up behind you, as when one is feeling light-headed and the ground sneaks up from behind. There is structure in the Sonora Pine’s songs, but it is a loose structure. Carving their path, finding their way out of a song to another plane and then working themselves back into their original idea is indicative of the sounds of The Sonora Pine.
I know, how much inspiration do you need to write about something someone else created, while creating nothing of your own? Well, therein lies the problem.


10 July 2010

Carissa's Wierd - You Should Be at Home Here (2001)

Carissa's Wierd (no that is not a spelling mistake that is how the band name is spelled) might just be the most consistently sad sounding band i've heard. Not like mopey boo-hooing by any means, they just hit a sweet spot with their sound.

I've never heard any band quite like Carissa's Wierd, and they do that without being senselessly abstract or baroque. Straight ahead instrumentation, singing, and structure, just done simply perfectly. They don't get enough recognition.
i won't need anymore memories
for the next 50 years i could still write you love songs
i won't need anymore photographs
to remember the color of the clothes you wore that night

The Life and Times of William Shakespeare - Secrets Don't Make Friends (and Apparently, Neither Do I)

The Life and Times of William Shakespeare is Blake Elliot Williams. Pleasant lo-fi folk, seeming to draw some influence from Elliott Smith . Excellently written, memorable songs. "I Shall Be Free Again" is my current favourite.

This album available for free download from artist here.


Teenage Bottlerocket - Another Way (2003)

Teenage Bottlerocket is a great, Ramones-esque pop-punk band from Laramie, WY, formed by twin brothers Ray and Brandon Carlisle. Later, Kody Templeman of The Lillingtons also joined the band.

Another Way is their first full-length album.
"Pull the Plug" and "Opportunity" are standout tracks.

08 July 2010

Vietnam Werewolf - Ohio's City

Vietnam Werewolf is a band from Cleveland, Ohio. In addition to having a totally awesome name, they make totally awesome punk rock. Like a harder Latterman possibly, maybe mixed with a little Hot Water Music.
They released this album for free here.

'Patriotic Cancer' is a standout track.
I guess I haven't posted much recently. I will soon, don't fret.