24 May 2010

Last to Leave - Live At The Xeno Haus (12/19/09)

Last To Leave, on this live show billed as "Last Avian To Leave Orchestra", is a band from Reno, NV. I know practically nothing about this band, and i correspondingly have no friggin clue where i found these recordings. All i know is that this live recording is a wonderful collection of folk-punk songs in the vein of Rosa and early Defiance, Ohio. Also contains a pretty great cover of Wingnut Dishwashers Union's "Fuck Shit Up".

So here, you go, internet. All the songs are great.

Folk-punk translates well to live recordings. Many other types of music suffer in a live recording format.

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  1. www.lasttoleave.bandcamp.com

    I'm glad you enjoyed these.