09 June 2010

Last to Leave - We Drank some M.D... Stuff Happened... I'm Not a Virgin Anymore

Another album from new find Last to Leave. I've been listening to that live album so much i figured i had to post a non-live album. There are just so many OUTSTANDING songs on these albums. I look forward to more from these guys in the future.

Standout tracks: "I Hope You Come Around", "Me and You", "Busk My Life Away".

I also really like the title of this album. No cover though, sorry. I don't even know if one exists.

"When i think of home, you know i'm thinking of you. When i pour a drink, you know i'm really pouring two. If i go to hell, man, i would be so blue... unless it meant i would get to spend the rest of my life with you."