26 November 2010

Corn on Macabre - Chapters I & II with Deleted Scenes

Corn on Macabre (hilarious name!) was a screamo/grindcore/emoviolence/whatever band that was around in the early 00's. Kinda like pg.99.
I just found this album and it is FUCKING AWESOME!
13 songs, 12 minutes.

This shitty blog is brought to you by one lone idiot so yeah it doesnt get updated much. At least the few months when i was doing a mediocre job are still up to make it look better

The Kodan Armada - Collections

The Kodan Armada was a band from Louisville, KY. Screamo/emoviolence/whatever in the vein of Orchid and such bands. If you like such musics as that, you will likely enjoy this!

S - Sadstyle

This is really a very special album. This is the solo project of Jenn Ghetto, formerly of Carissa's Wierd. It seems like Jenn Ghetto may have been the real heart of that band, as this album is as heart-wrenching in every way. Not as orchestrated as Carissa's Wierd, but still really spectacular.
My favourite songs are "I Love You Too...", "Elevator", and "Anti-Love Song".

"and the more i hear the more i want to leave this town behind and leave all of you crying all over someone that you just can't have again love again drink again find someone else that you know cause you know it will make you feel better cause you better feel something why else would you be here"

If anyone still reads this blog (considering how infrequently i update), don't miss this one.


Owls - Owls


the only album from Owls, one of the various Kinsella bands such as American Football, Cap'n Jazz, and Joan of Arc