28 October 2011

Rosa - Live At the Bike Barn 2005-06-22

This is a live show from Rosa. Because I said so. I don't have a picture for this!

But it has this song, as of yet unrepresented on any of the posts ive made so far.

I'm gonna love you forever

dont make me mad. you dont have to download the show but at least listen to this song ^


14 October 2011

Ghost Factory - Tales of a Nothing Kid (preview)

My great friend Rob has an amazing band called Ghost Factory. I reviewed his last album here a while ago. My other great friend Charlie Ferg is also usually in this band as well! Ghost Factory has the distinction of being the band I have seen live the most times (by a wide margin). Never disappoints.

Anyway, Ghost Factory has been working on a new album lately. As much as i loved the last album, this one is even better than that! Here are 3 preview songs for the upcoming album. LISTEN TO THEM NOW

Pretty fuckin' awesome, eh? Go to http://ghostfactorymusic.com/ for the latest updates.

whoops i am a bad friend i got the upcoming full-length and the recently released EP confused

Listener - Wooden Heart

Listener is a band from Nevada AND Georgia, composed of two fellows named Dan (music) and Chris (vocals). This is kind of like a less-angsty mewithoutyou. Or Buddy Wakefield. Just found this! Pretty cool.


Siskiyou - Siskiyou

Siskiyou is a band from Canada somewhere? Both members were once or are still members of Great Lake Swimmers. Picture a slightly more upbeat Great Lake Swimmers, add a little bit of Okay and some other quirks that don't usually get associated with this type of quiet indie-folk. Very good!


11 October 2011

Bruce Peninsula - Self Titled

Bruce Peninsula is a band from Toronto. They do a peculiar mix of folk, gospel,  and some nearly prog-like influences. However, the most stunning and unique aspect of this band is the gospel.

'Rosie', the streaming song below, is one of the most awesome things i've heard all year, easily. It's a cover of one of the Alan Lomax-curated prison songs i posted about here.

This self-titled has just two songs, but they are both tremendous and a great introduction to the band. They have two LP's, A Mountain Is A Mouth, and Open Flames, which was just released very recently. If you dig the this EP (or the song that i make previewable now zomg) you should buy one of the LP's. They also did the soundtrack for Small Town Murder Songs.


02 October 2011

Annabel - Here We Are Tomorrow

Annabel is a band from Kent, Ohio. This is an EP of theirs. It's like a really cool kinda-shoegazey/emo-but-not-really type of.... thing.

They've got a really great sound, I recommend it.
I mean really if i put it on my blog you can assume i like it. I would never waste my precious gigglebytes on lame music.

EDIT: on Tiny Engines, also distributed by CYLS