19 July 2009

Mallory - Lights in the Quarry

1. One Hand Extended to You, Another to Traffic
2. Swingin' Against Fascism
3. Ghost People
4. Fine Wine and Ladies
5. The Devil in the Moonlight
6. This Song Kills Cops
7. Red, White, and Blues
8. God in the Details
9. Fuck This... I'm Leaving
10. Boxcar Joe
11. The Quarry
12. Teeth in the Dark
13. We Lit a Fire
14. Song for Sylvan

I don't know a whole lot about this band. I know they're a folk-punk band from Amherst, MA. Most people would probably consider them a local band but in the age of the internet 'local' only really matters for concerts. They have their album available for free anyway but I guess exposure is exposure, even if it's on a blog that nobody in the whole world reads.


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