23 June 2012

Caseracer - Caseracer (2012)


Caseracer is from Delaware and parts of New Jersey. Pretty great gruff punk rock band. 

Environmental Youth Crunch - Let's Ride


Environmental Youth Crunch is (was?) a band from Florida. I learned about them a million years ago from a split they did with Defiance, Ohio. As i mentioned then, i had trouble finding anything else from this band. Well i found it, at No Idea. It is pretty cool, kind of Young Pioneers-y southern-punk-rock.

http://www.myspace.com/environmentalyouthcrunch appears to be their website, although it seems they go by the name 'Vicious Fishes' now?

16 June 2012

The Holy Mess - Dismount


The Holy Mess is a punk rock band from Philadelphia. Awesome catchy uptempo punk. For fans of The Lawrence Arms, The Loved Ones, etc

10 June 2012

Apart - Gray Light

I got an email from Randall of hardcore band Apart, asking me to check out their new album. Now, as you might know, I am not a very good writer (too brief). There is a very good review here. It's what I would like to say if didn't exhaust my writing capability at 12 lines.

However, I will say that this is an extremely good album, a great mix of older screamo and modern melodic hardcore. Love love the drums on this album. The whole thing is great, been listening to it all night. Get on board now because this band is going to be a big fucking deal.