14 January 2012

Dowsing - All I Could Find Was You


Indie/emo band from Chicago. Another awesome band contributing to the resurgence of midwest-style emo. And again I must add if the label 'emo' is putting people off due to it's unfortunate usage in the early 00's, please reconsider. This is an incredibly good genre, by and large.

On Count Your Lucky Stars

Studying - Songs About Leaving Home


Studying is a rad band from northern Virginia. They have one demo and this EP so far, and reportedly will have new music early 2012. This is a great album. For fans of Snowing, Dowsing, etc.

Music available at:

Ravachol - Great Moments in the Void

Ravachol is a band from somewhere in the UK. They have an interesting screamo-vocals-over-clean-guitars type sound with lady vocals. They also seem to take influence from political-type hardcore music some.
It is quite delightful, i enjoy this.

08 January 2012

Midwest Pen Pals - Inside Jokes

Midwest Pen Pals was a band from Indiana. They released only one album and were around only in 2009 as far as i can discern. A good example of 90's midwest emo. Twinkles galore. I've listened to this album many times today, i think it is rather enjoyable.


now that i have streaming previews i barely have to be descriptive at all. it is not my strong suit

We Are Trees - Girlfriend EP & Boyfriend EP


We Are Trees is James Nee and Josiah Schlater. I seriously cannot find out very much about this band, but they have a pretty rad lo-fi pop type of sound going on. Some almost shoegazey influences perhaps?

01 January 2012

Paul Newman and the Ride Home - The Importance of Being Earnest Hemingway (2011)

Bandmember Jacob sent me this via email. Paul Newman and the Ride Home is a 5-piece band from Baltimore. This album is like folky-pop-punk. Reminiscent of Fake Problems, except more pop-punk than that. It is a pretty awesome album!