08 September 2012

Mr. Denim - At Least We'll All Be Dead Soon


Mr. Denim is a band. I know nothing about them except that they are a cool two-piece folk-punk band sort of similar to early (acoustic) Andrew Jackson Jihad. Diggin it, diggin it. Also they are from Chicago.

UPDATE: After i posted this the first time, I got an email from Tyler Crain of Mr. Denim, who was already a reader of my blog! I got a little more info on the band:
"I write to you today, at this ungodly hour, mostly because I flipped shit when I saw that you posted Mr. Denim. I know that band, because I am one half of that band. My good buddy Janusz Gal plays double bass, and I play guitar and yell."
He is a really nice dude and I have been listening to this album a lot since I posted it. It really rules so you should all check it out. Every song is fantastic, perfect folk-punk.
Check it out via the bandcamp link for now because as noted below i got a bogus DMCA claim from some jerkwad who does not own this music. Also check out their other albums on their bandcamp page!


07-Sept-12 : So amusingly, i got a DMCA takedown notice on this album even though i have the express written consent of the owner/creator of this album. Fighting mediafire on it, hold tight.

07 September 2012

Talk Hard - White Flag

Download Discography

So here is another album I have been trying to track down forever. I think i found this one song, Intelligent Design (below) in like 2007 but never managed to track down the album itself until last week. It is way out of print and it's almost impossible to even find anything on the band itself. They were from Boston, and split up ages ago. The End. No pictures, no track names. I have nothing. You can find a couple of their other albums in dark corners of the internet but this one is the best, in my opinion.

01 September 2012

Bad Liar - Yours Truly


Bad Liar is Jack Brown, from Oakland/Bay Area (is that a correct designation of two places? i don't know). After listening to it a few times in a row I would say a pretty good way to describe it would be having Hot Water Music-y vocals over a sort of loud emo structure with maybe some shoegazeyness to the guitars? I dunno. It rules though, check it out


Desiderata - Alcohawk


Desiderata member Blair introduced me to his band via email (as well as his other band, Audio/Rocketry). Desiderata is a jazz-punky post-hardcore band from Edmonton, Alberta. This album is totally fuckin rad, I hope i will get to see them play sometime in the future.

Sinatra - Thus Far


Coming from Songs From The Road records, Sinatra hails from Alexandria, VA. They are a rad post-hardcore/screamo-y band. 


Hooky - You Missed it!


Hooky was a short-lived band around from summer 2007 to spring 2008 (5 killer shows, 1 crappy demo), featuring Matt Canino (Latterman, RVIVR), and Erica Freas (RVIVR). Sort of a prelude to RVIVR. Similar tone but dirtier. Love it.