08 January 2011

Under a Dying Sun - Under a Dying Sun

Looks, i know from the download counts that nobody gives half an ass about my taste for 90's style screamo. Tough titties.

Under a Dying Sun falls somewhere between that and 90s emo. Kind of similar to 1905 in some ways. Less screaming than what would normally fall under screamo but the instrumentation is similar.

All Liver No Onions - Dolphin Dreamz demo

I was sent this via email this morning. It is extremely rad so i thought i would share! I just wish it was longer!
For fans of Foot Ox, Nana Grizol, etc.


Crywank - James is Going to Die Soon


Crywank is James Clayton, making sad acoustic folk music. I've had his demo on my computer for some time (?), this is his full-length. The songs are very great; my favourites are 'Hikkikomori' and 'Harvey Milk Shit on the Table'.