30 September 2011

Dikembe - Chicago Bowls

Dikembe is a rad band from Gainesville, Florida. Kind of a punkish emo sound. This is apparently a night for really awesome 4-song EP's. I don't have a clue what's going on in the album cover picture, but there it is.
Also, they open and close the EP with soundclips from Freaks and Geeks. Which was an awesome show.


11 September 2011

Air Raid Barcelona - Air Raid Barcelona

Air Raid Barcelona was a band, for a while. They recorded precisely 4 songs. This is a really fucking cool demo, it's too bad this is all there is. This EP is posted for free on IfYouMakeIt.
Kind of Latterman-ish or Jawbreaker-y.


Slow Teeth - Demos

What a mystery this band is to me! I don't even remember how i found this band but all they have is a myspace, and two demos on archive.org. (This is the two demos).
The last.fm page is similarly bare, saying only "Slow Teeth sounds like vaudevillian anarchofolk, a haunted cabaret." Archive.org says they're from Portland. That's all I got.

They're kind of like Blackbird Raum or Dandelion Junk Queens. The songs are really catchy and great which is always a nice surprise when you basically find something on the back shelf of the internet with two years worth of dust on it.
'Dead Sailors' and 'Oh, Penny' are in particular very good songs.


Quick Attack - Quick Attack!

So i got an email from a member of a band called Quick Attack (from Santa Barbara), offering me a copy of their CD(s). Her name is Indiana. She is super nice and awesome so that is even more reason to listen to this!

This is Quick Attack's self-titled, 5 songs of pure raditude. Pop-punk, sounds kinda like Punkin Pie. You know like high-energy, super fun messy pop-punk. The best kind. I think 'Sevies' and 'Thunderheads' are my favourite songs. They also have a recent split that i am linking to below. Check it out!


The Wild - Set Ourselves Free

The Wild is a band from Atlanta. They're a folk-punk band is vageuly the same ballpark as Rosa. Tremendous, start to finish. If you're here, chances are you'll like this.

Seriously, EVERY PERSON WHO IS READING THIS should listen to this album. Look at that cover! The songs are even better than that!


Eskalators - Never Break Down

Apparently Eskalators is some kind of 13-plus-person musical collective from Brooklyn. Also apparently, they self-identify as "ironic bubblegum ska". Firstly, i fucking hate ska, and i really dont see this as ska at all. Unless you say any band with horns is ska. Which doesnt make sense. 

Honestly this EP sounds like a pop-punk version of Andrew Jackson Jihad with a lot more people made 4 awesome songs and then some weird momentarily reggaeish song at the end.

I don't even know whats going on anymore everything i say is just words

Mesita - Cherry Blossoms (2008)

Mesita is a fella from Littleton, Colorado. As is sometimes the case, I haven't been able to find a great deal of information here. This a very cool album... multi-instrumental, indie-electronic type stuff. Reminds me kind of like Adrian Orange or Okay. Very good album! He also has a new album available for purchase/streaming at http://mesita.bandcamp.com/

i don't know what genre tag to give this