19 August 2011

Cassis Orange - Cassis Orange

Okay so i think this EP is really rad. It's kind of Casiotoneforthepainfullyalone-ish, if you're into that. Basically i guess what im saying is that it has piano and electronic drums. Neat!
'Kotzebue' is particular is a really awesome song and my personal favourite, but the whole EP is definitely worth listening to because it is really good.



Sloppy Folk - Experience SA-Folk-Punk

A mystery reader/band member whose email name is "Dust Man" sent me this album of his folk-punk band from South Africa. It's 22 songs, including a great Crass cover and a great Wingnut Dishwashers Union cover. It's a really awesome album, with some shouty songs and some slower songs, and both punk and classic folk influence. Everything you could want in a folk-punk album. You will NOT be disappointed.


Midi & The Modern Dance - Make It Easy on Yourself

Midi & The Modern Dance is a band from Connecticut. This album quite reminds me of Wilco's Yankee Hotel Foxtrot. And i love YHF, so i also super dig this album. One of my readers actually sent me a link to this band ages ago, i just never got around to posting it. So do yourself a favour and check this out.


...who calls so loud - self titled

"Thus they continued to ask each other who called so loud, over and over again; and when Smike had that by heart, Nicholas went to another sentence, and then to two at a time, and then to three, and so on, until at midnight poor Smike found to his unspeakable joy that he really began to remember something about the text."

This album and band are super fucking rad. Ex-members of Funeral Diner and Portraits of Past. So you already know itll be awesome.