08 February 2013

Black Love - Black Love

Black Love is a band from Montreal. They play a neat sort of post-hardcore music, with some cool guitar leads that you don't usually hear in this kind of music but some screamo influences as well. Really cool!

Two Hand Fools - Who's Driving?

Two Hand Fools is a band from Cleveland, playing an awesome pop-punk with a touch of folk-punk sound.

Their bandcamp doesnt have this album streaming, so the bandcamp preview below and the download above don't match. That's okay though because they are both awesome.

05 January 2013

Bag of Bones - Deep Thought

Bag of Bones is John Molfetas, who is from New York and plays a really nice twinkly midwest style of emo. Kind of like a slightly more chilled out version of Dowsing.

Malon - Reverie (2012)

Malon is a really cool twinky emo/screamo band from San Diego. I imagine that people who enjoy that mix of styles like early The Saddest Landscape would likely enjoy this.
This album rules a lot so you should listen to it.