10 April 2011

Unfun - Sick Outside View

Unfun is a punk band from Vancouver. I had actually heard about this band... some time ago (?) from my friend Nat who knows them somehow.
So i was excited to see this album on another blog today. Now i can hear more songs as i cannot travel to Hamilton to see bands play, as cool as that would be. I have things to do (like work) that preclude me from doing that too often. Plus.... Hamilton..........

Anyway, Unfun sound kinda like they might be Jawbreaker enthusiasts! Very good album.


Noah Britton - Suicide: The Greatest Hits

Noah Britton is a singer/songwriter that has performed in several bands, including The Best Thing Ever. He's got a pleasant voice, and it sounds kind of like an acoustic Magnetic Fields.

This is a collection of some live and some non-live songs. '3 1/2 years down the drain' is in particular excellent.


The Assistant - The Assistant

The Assistant was a band from the late 90s, from NJ. Formed from the ashes of You And I. This is a very interesting album - it has clear influence from a variety of different things. It goes from grindcore stuff, to screamo stuff, mathy stuff, to 1905-ish clean female vocals. There is even a pop-punk-ish song!

I have been diggin on this album the past week. Perhaps you will dig on it as well


01 April 2011

Her Only Presence - A Brand New Start (2009)

Her Only Presence is a band from Barcelona. Definitely recommended for anyone who likes '90s emo music. It's not exactly that but it is in the ballpark while being not a Kinsella ripoff. It will also appeal to people who don't know what i'm talking about right now. It is quite lovely.

They only have 225 listeners on last.fm now so get in on the ground floor you can get mad hipster points later saying you heard about them back in the day from some idiots stupid rocketblog

(thats me i am the idiot with the rocketblog. its a rocketblog now it sounds so space-agey)


764-HERO - Get Here And Stay (1998)

764-HERO was a band from Seattle, from 1995 to 2002. Sounds kinda like Built to Spill. It makes me nostalgic for the 90s. Hey everyone, remember the 90s and how cool they were? Everyone who grew up in the 90s, high fives!

But actually this is an extremely good album, I recommend it (obviously). Even if you didnt grow up in the 90s.


Fucking Werewolf Asso - Kid Just Letting You Know We Are Doing It Again (2010)

Catchy and unusual nintendo-y punk music with strange vocals. It took a little to grow on me but it is very enjoyable music. Frenetic is probably the best word for it.
It is definitely worth checking out!


The Apoplexy Twist Orchestra - Create the New

The Apoplexy Twist Orchestra was a German screamo band around from '01 to '04.
They are very good they sound kinda like Orchid, which is rad. Chances are you already know if you like this type of music or not.