18 March 2012


I somehow neglected to post about RVIVR in the time i have loved this band. The reason for that is that i have a totally made-up popularity metric which is based mainly off last.fm listening stats. RVIVR has a lot of plays, but not many listeners! So that should tell you a lot about how rad they are if a small amount of people are listening to them all the goddamn time.

RVIVR is a band from Olympia, WA, composed of members of Latterman (i love Latterman), Shorebirds, and some bands from Rumbletowne Records that i just learned about and now will have to explore. 

Anyway this is super awesome pop-punk in the neighbourhood of Latterman, but is ultimately quite a different entity. Really awesome, high-energy pop-punk. This is their only full-length to date, but they have some EP's and a collection album available on the Rumbletowne website

Available for streaming/free download/purchase/donation at http://www.rumbletowne.com/rtr/rtr-releases/RTR-009

11 March 2012

Almost Home - Closure (2009)


Almost Home was a melodic hardcore band from Nottingham, UK. They released one album and split in 2010. For fans of Ruiner, Defeater, etc.

Gillian Carter - The Flood That Came After The Storm


Gillian Carter is a band from Palm Bay, Florida. They have a neat screamo/post-rock thing going on.

04 March 2012

Our Stars Are Sneakers - A Series Of Down Endings


This is a neat band! Our Stars Are Sneakers is a band from Pennsylvania. They sound kind of like... if Bad Seeds-era Nick Cave did vocals for a non-shoegaze version of The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart. That was a fairly abstract description but try it out. One of the tags on their bandcamp page is "bummerpop" and i find that quite apt.
I really like this album.

Old Gray - Demo


Old Gray is an emo/screamo band from New Hampshire started in April 2011. Cam and Raph play guitar and bass while Charlie plays drums. 

Fifth Hour Hero - Scattered Sentences (2003)


Jawbreaker-esque pop-punk from Montreal. They released two full-length albums and some EP's, and broke up in 2007

Knowing We'll Never Grow Up - I Think I Hate Myself (2012)

Knowing We'll Never Grow Up is a rad 90's style screamo/emo type of band from Salt Lake City. This album is really super good so you should check it out.

02 March 2012

Everyone Asked About You - S/T (1997)


Everyone Asked About You was a band from Little Rock, AR. I know pretty much nothing else about them. They have a tripod site http://eaay.tripod.com/. I for one did not know that tripod even still existed.
I am pretty sure this band is not around anymore, but they were a cool 90s emo type band.