20 August 2010

Foot Ox - Foot Ox (2007)

God damn i love Foot Ox. This is the self-titled album from the Arizona crazy-experimental-folk-thing band. I have been listening to it nonstop this week. How do i describe in a new way a band i have already posted twice?

There's really nothing quite like it. The closest way to describe this music was if Andrew Jackson Jihad was made up of a bunch of... grown, insane, children. Many of them, making an orchestra of all sorts of instruments and non-instruments. It's incredible.

The whole album is amazing, but my favourites are "Wet Blanket", "I Take My Life", and "I Saw You"

"i saw you when you were unborn and i told your mother it was not worth those ovaries/ so you remain whatever you were before cause i saw your future, it was burning in violence/ now you dont know how long youve been waiting for this world to come knocking"

Incidentally, i obviously have not posted much recently. I wish i could have an excuse like i was busy making millions or having a girlfriend or incredible personal hardships or something. It's nothing of the sort. I am just an unmotivated asshole. Eventually it'll pick up, though I can't say when.

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