23 October 2009

Ghost Mice & Saw Wheel Split

Split album of Ghost Mice and Saw Wheel.
Ghost Mice features Chris Johnston (founder of Plan-It X records, the label or former label for many of the bands posted here). Kinda cheap (in a good way) folk-punk - just dual male/female vocals, acoustic guitar, and violin. The songs are really good, and I don't think the inherent DIY-ness of it does anything but make it better.
Just as a matter of interest, when I bought a few CD's from Plan-It X a while back, the package came with a hand-drawn picture of what appeared to be a pirate cat saying "Thank You Very Much, <3 Chris" (the aforementioned Chris Johnston). Buy from Plan-It X and maybe you too will get a picture.

Saw Wheel is RJ Cresswell, formerly of One Reason. Sounds similar to Rumbleseat or Chuck Ragan.

The singing throughout this album is... not spectacular, but i think it works.


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