04 May 2010

Orchid - Orchid (2001)

Self-titled album from screamo progenitors Orchid, who were from Amherst, MA and around from 1997-2002. Between them and pg.99 is everything screamo could have been before the 00's happened and the genre was co-opted by terrible radio-friendly pop-rock "screamo" bands (Thurday, Thrice, The Used). The other side of that is the fact that almost all first-wave screamo bands around these days are French, repetitive, and terribly unoriginal; doomed to rehash Orchid and Joshua Fit For Battle riffs until the end of time.
For a pictoral example of what i am talking about/how i am saying it, click here. I swear i don't normally look like that.

Anyway Orchid is still awesome.

And YES screamo is a terrible genre name but its understandable and theres no way in hell i'm calling anything 'skramz'.

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