23 January 2010

Mac Lethal - 11:11 & The Original 11:11 Sessions


So! Mac Lethal is a hip-hop artist from Kansas City, MO. Here i have two albums. Despite their similar names and a few shared songs, the albums are actually very different. Both albums are certainly worth checking out, both together as a comparison and independently on their own merits.

11:11 is an album with a more typical hip-hop instrumentation and arrangement like Sage Francis or Cecil Otter. He clearly draws influence from a lot of non-hip-hop sources but manages to make an incredible hip-hop album nonetheless.

The Original 11:11 Sessions, despite the name, doesn't seem to me to have much in common with 11:11. It takes a more Buck 65 (circa Secret House Against the World) interpretation on hip-hop, blending folk influences and more physical instrument recordings (including acoustic guitars), while still making an undeniably enjoyable and distinctive hip-hop album.


Spraynard - Cut and Paste

Yay! More pop-punk!
Don't lie, you all love it. Spraynard is firmly in the Latterman camp of pop-punk; fun but not derivative. This is a really goddamn great album, check it out. Especially if you're a fan of the more well-known aforementioned Latterman.

Just to clarify, this is probably my favourite find of the week so i will be extremely offended if nobody downloads this. The album is gold, start to finish.

Someday i would love to be in a pop-punk band, but i am lazy and my musical ability is decreasing with age.


Al Bowlly - Al Bowlly

Al Bowlly was a singer from the 1930's, born in Mozambique, raised in South Africa, and popular in Britain. He was killed by a parachute mine exploding outside his apartment in London during the Blitz.

Great example of that old '30s style of jazz-pop that isn't even really attempted much these days. I don't know if anyone reading this likes the style of music enough to download it but fuck you this is my intertube i will post whatever i like. And i like this. That's all the endorsement you should need. Plus, it has that fantastic old gritty vinyl record static.

17 January 2010

Witches With Dicks - Manual

Another band with a hilarious name, Witches With Dicks is (was) an outstandingly fun punk band from Boston. I mean, they're still outstandingly fun and presumably still consider themselves Bostonians, but they are no longer a band. Thus the 'was'.

And people say i can't write!

Chinese Telephones - Chinese Telephones

Another great somewhat pop-ish punk band! There's so many. I'm sure i'm not the only person that likes this type of music. It doesn't matter, i make the rules in this intertube.

I hope it doesn't bother anyone that i frequently write posts and change the publish date so they are not at all in the same order i wrote them. Don't assume they display in chronological order of creation. It is just the way my mind works.

14 January 2010

The Copyrights - Mutiny Pop (2006)

The Copyrights are a pop-punk band from Illinois!

Incidentally, fucking bastard ass thundercunt Mediafire apparently deleted/lost a couple of my old uploads so i will fix them as i find them.

Over Stars and Gutters - Consider This Your Curse

Over Stars and Gutters is a punk band from Oklahoma. Similar to Jawbreaker, Hot Water Music, etc. 'Orgcore', as some say.

The Falcon - Unicornography (2006)

A punk rock supergroup of sorts, The Falcon is Brendan Kelly and Neil Hennessy of The Lawrence Arms, and Dan Andriano of The Alkaline Trio. Similar to LaGrecia.

09 January 2010

Otem Rellik - Carbon Based Boy

Otem Rellik makes hip-hop in his basement, recording and producing it all unassisted. I wouldn't have been able to tell if i hadn't read it, it is a very professional sounding album.

Lives in the same genre ballpark as Astronautalis and Sole.

In other news, i survived the second round of layoffs at my company, which makes me a happy fella. Job searches are a pain in the ass.


(Young) Pioneers - Free The (Young) Pioneers Now! (1998)

(Young) Pioneers, active from 1993-1999, more or less singlehandedly invented folk-punk as it stands today, being tremendously influential on such bands as This Bike Is A Pipe Bomb, Defiance, Ohio, and Against Me! (even having been namedropped in 'We Laugh at Danger (and Break All the Rules)').


02 January 2010

1905 - Voice (2002)

1905 actually reminds me a lot of Evil Robot Us' (the 3rd post i ever made) in its dynamic male/female singing, quiet/loud playing way.

Oh happy new year/decade, friends i know and anonymous internet people i don't know. May it confuse you when you are writing the date for the next approximately 4 months.

The Steinways - Missed The Boat (2006)

It's actually been proven by ~*~science~*~ that it is impossible for anyone to dislike good pop-punk.
Particularly if you're from the suburbs and grew up in the 1990s.
Don't fight it, it's the closest thing to a culture we have.

Like The Ergs!, The Steinways make short, energetic, geeky pop-punk songs. Enjoy!

'cause i can't wait to go out tonight / and i can't wait to see you tonight
i just wanna make out tonight but you just wanna be friends
you just wanna be friends / oh you just wanna be friends
and that sucks

House Boat - The Delaware Octopus (2009)

Featuring Ace and Grath from The Steinways, Mikey Erg from The Ergs!, and Zack from Off With Their Heads, House Boat is a pop-punk supergroup of sorts.