14 June 2010

Palpitation - I'm Happy Now

Swedish pop-tronica (?) band, similar to Letting Up Despite Great Faults. They're less shoegaze-y than LUDGF (haha what a terrible acronym) but have a similar tone. Beautiful hushed vocals, music that is somehow simultaneously upbeat and kinda sad. It's music that would feel perfectly placed in an indie movie that crosses that interesting zone where intense depressive sadness and intense introspective satisfaction and contentment become the same thing. Maybe that's just me, who knows. Like when you weren't expecting it to go well, and it didn't, but it didn't turn out any worse either. And all you can do is laugh.

I've often wondered how a country as small as Sweden (<10m people) has the time to create so many fantastic musicians. The musician per capita value must be off the charts. 

I'd also like to share the album cover for their new album, because i REALLY like the cover and the new album is also very very good. Even better than this one. But the new album is only a month old and i try not to share albums too close to their release dates.


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