20 February 2012

Giles Corey - Giles Corey (2011)


Holy moly i have listened to the first song off this album like more than a dozen times in a row it is so good. All day now, this album. Where did i even find this?

Giles Corey is a project by Dan Barrett (of Have A Nice Life), that i have seen described as "acoustic music from the industrial revolution". This "portrait of depression" is a haunting mix of acoustic americana (not far from Timber Timbre), Dead Man's Bones-y deconstructed pop, some shoegazey influences, and maybe some similarity to A Silver Mt Zion? It is pretty incredibly good. It must be experienced, so you must listen. Haunting, and it will catch you by surprise.

i am glad to be excited by some music
it has been a dry couple months for really exciting music for me

i can't imagine a less professional way of reviewing albums than the way i review albums
i don't even punctuate consistently and my sentence structure is that of an uninteresting autistic
i hope people at least enjoy the music that i find and broadcast
i mean i'd be finding it anyway
i was compulsively hunting for music for years before i decided to blogoscope about it
i hope you like my stupid blog
it's been almost three years and if anything i am actually worse at it than i was when i started
firing off words into space i know nobody actually reads my reviews i look at my google analytics stats
i know yalls just come here for the free music but hey at least ive refocused this to fairly unknown bands so i hope some of yalls actually use this as a source rather than just a googling of "(band) (album) mediafire"
oh man what am i even talking about

listen to lots of music


BUY IT HERE it took four years to make! and it comes with a book!


have a nice night

19 February 2012

Vacation - The Do Shit Disc


Vacation is a pop-punk band from Cincinnati. Super rad smashy sloppy pop-punk such as the likes of Punkin Pie. Always a fun time!
Download their new album for free at http://www.therecordinglabel.com/

11 February 2012

Lumber Lung - Lumber Lung

Lumber Lung is a punk band from Santa Barbara. They are kind of like if RVIVR swapped out some (but not all) of their pop-punk sound for some melodic hardcore. Super awesome!


damezumari - 2004-2007

Damezumari is a band from Tulsa, OK. They are sort of a screamo/emo blend in the vein of The Saddest Landscape, but mathier, i think. I am enjoying this quite a bit this evening.
This collection is apparently 33 songs recorded from 2004-2007, which appear to be the same ones provided for free on the band's website here.

I picked this album cover (even though it is a split) because it looks the coolest


07 February 2012

god damn but am i out of effort these days
maybe its time to pack it in

The Republic of Wolves - His Old Branches

The Republic of Wolves is a band from Long Island, NY. They have a real neat atmospheric indie-folk type of sound. Kind of like Phosphorescent, if you are familiar with Phosphorescent.