27 December 2011

Flawless - Something I'll Never Miss


Flawless is a band from Springfield, Missouri. I was emailed by bandmember Alex, offering a mutually beneficial arrangement of posting this album on my blog!

Alex says: 
We're from Springfield, Missouri , and we've been around for about a year.We're influenced by bands like Texas is the Reason, American Football, Jawbreaker, and Lifetime, but I wouldn't say we sound much too much like any of them.We recorded the whole EP ourselves over the course of about a week. I don't expect to necessitate anything really exciting like a review or an interview because we're a tiny band from the midwest, but if you want to do either of those that would be pretty fuckin' rad.
The more tiny bands the better! I figure if i can get just a few people to listen to tiny bands, I'm doing my little part for independent music. I'm not much for interviews (i've had a couple offers) because i am terribly antisocial, and usually rewrite emails and posts about two dozen times before i send them...

The description above gives a fairly good idea of (the influences of) Flawless's sound. Kind of like an energetic 90s emo/pop-punk hybrid. I can see the Lifetime and Jawbreaker in it. Maybe a little like 764-HERO as well. It's a very solid EP. I recently heard someone say that 90s music sucked. I had to light into them a little bit.



P.S. where have all the other music blogs gone? it seems they are derelict or deleted. Am i lamely occupying a dead neighborhood or am i valiantly carrying on where so many have fallen before me?

Street Smart Cyclist - Demo & Lint Traps

Street Smart Cyclist was a band from Pennsylvania, around from 2005 to 2008. Some members went on to form the band Snowing. SSC made two albums, the demo and an acoustic album called Lint Traps. 

SSC is a band that seems to take as much from twinkly emo bands as it does from bands like Latterman. The group vocals part in Hoods Up (see below, from demo) reminds me of Latterman in the most lovely of ways.

I've been listening to this a lot lately.

26 December 2011

Rowboat - Beneath The Sycamore


So i know almost nothing about this band except that the individual(s) that compose it are from Denver. I stumbled across this on Bandcamp (as i do) and i was quite taken by the first song so i thought it would make a good post. It's sort of a gothic-americana-folk type deal.

That album cover creeps me out a bit

24 December 2011

Carissa's Wierd - Tucson (2011)


Okay i just had to post this. Some of you may not have heard, but Carissa's Wierd released this EP in September after an eight-year hiatus. Anyone who has spent some time around my blog should know that CW is one of my favourite bands of all-time, so this is somewhere in the neighborhood of the best news ever.

It is definitely in my top hopes right now that Carissa's Wierd continues to make more music, and not return to their hiatus. I hope they don't mind me posting this but i want to make sure everyone knows about it.


More posts monday/tuesday i am busy etc. Merry Christmas

Seriously though please buy this 7" it is only $6. Thats over an inch per dollar. Incredible value.

18 December 2011

Rescuer - Some Things You Just Have To Let Go Of


Rescuer is a melodic hardcore band from Tampa, Florida. They are in the same ballpark as Ruiner or Defeater. This album is hells of rad.

I hope that when I post hardcore stuff, the people that just came here for quiet folk music give it a listen, and vice versa. People should try to broaden their musical horizons. You can't just listen to the same stuff forever. My digital music library is at 24481 songs (1633 artists) and counting (and yes i can identify nearly all of it by ear, except the new stuff i haven't gotten around to listening to yet).


Stalwart Sons - Burn Daylights Like Torches

Stalwart Sons is a post-hardcore type of band from my hometown of Calgary. I haven't seen them live, but they were recommended to me by my good friend Rob of Ghost Factory. I hope to see them around someday. 

Mallard - Mallard


Mallard is a six-piece emo band from PA, formed in 2010 featuring ex/current members of FootnotesCorcovadoBroskiI Sing the Equator, Mumble, Tycho Brahe, and Degrassi.

They have a super rad twinkly emo sound, but a bit more frenetic than is typical. It's catchy and i love it.

Preying Hands - Through the Dark


Preying Hands, from Montreal, is 3/5ths of Ballast. They are similar to Ballast in that they have a sort of crust-influenced hardcore punk thing going on. It might not be everyone's thing but the rhythm of the songs is so good. It's really great driving music especially.

12 December 2011

Ridgemont - Colder Days


Ridgemont is a band from Massachusetts. They play an awesome high-energy melodic pop-punk that falls somewhere around Latterman, RVIVR, and early Against Me! in terms of sound. Gruff vocals, fast tempos, great songs. I bet they'd be rad live.
This album came out in September via Kiss of Death Records, Mindless Records and Mission Social Club. They are touring in January with Escapist.
Max from Mindless Records emailed me asking if i would like to post about Ridgemont. Of course i would! He also sent me a vinyl copy of the album, which i am super stoked on right now.

Every time is a good time for some fantastic pop-punk

04 December 2011

The Saddest Landscape - Lift Your Burdens High, For This Is Where We Cross (2004)

Okay so i'm sure lots of people have heard of this band already, but i'm also sure a lot of people haven't. The Saddest Landscape is a band from Boston, a self-described "bunch of nerds in a band that live, breathe, and eat music". They're fairly unique in that they play a blend of the chaotic screamo of the 90's with the twinkly emo of also the 90s. 
Now, the problem (not really a problem) i have with TSL is that they might be way too fucking good for their own good. They make everyone else look bad. Every song on every album is amazing and heartwrenching, and the screaming of the lead singer (i don't know any of their names) is probably the best screaming i've heard anywhere. It is shocking how much emotion is contained within that screaming.
TSL has also improved with every album and I look forward to many more TSL albums to come.

Of course, in my real life where i have a few friends that tolerate me when they have to, i know exactly 0 people that share my love of 90s emo and 2 people that have marginal enthusiasm for 90s screamo. If any of my real life friends wish to correct this statement let me know.
Although i do super wish those two genre names hadn't been ruined by the lots of shitty "emo" and "screamo" bands that existed in the mid-2000's. Trust me, there is an enormous amount of incredible music in both of those genres. Browse post labels over there ---->

Anyway, i highly, highly recommend The Saddest Landscape. Please enjoy.


P.S. i am drunk
P.P.S did you notice the new layout? moving into a new decade here what with all of the shadowed borders and flash previews and the random button top right.

oh my god i am the worst blog guy in all of the world what am i
oh my god i am the worst human in all of the world what am i

P.P.P.S Dear The Saddest Landscape i am sorry i had multiple self-referential moments in a post about your music

P.P.P.P.S this is probably the longest post i have ever made

27 November 2011

Reuben Bullock - Pulling Up Arrows


So during an extremely fun night out last night this fella + band was playing in the bar. I thought they were very good! Cool folky thing, reminds me of Bruce Peninsula a little bit, or The Wooden Sky. It was very enjoyable and they sounded fantastic live. Then i listened to this album today and was even more impressed by the songs once i could focus on them.



Ages - Sleep On It


Ages is a melodic hardcore band from Cleveland. Reminiscent of Ruiner (who we miss every day) and Defeater. 
This whole album is ten songs but only 14 minutes long. They are short songs. In fact, the longest song is 1:55.

The Dirtys - You Should Be Sinnin' (1997)


The Dirtys was a garage-punk band from Port Huron, Michigan. They released one album and broke up.
This sounds kind of like The Reatards, or a way crazier MC5.
Way fuckin high-energy

Possessed By Paul James - Feed The Family

Konrad Wert is one-man band Possessed By Paul James. It is fairly old-style bluesy folk with banjos and fiddles and such. Reminds me of Agnostic Mountain Gospel Choir.


21 November 2011

The New & Very Welcome - Drowning In It! (2007)

Another great find! The New & Very Welcome is a young lady named Jessica (can i say young lady? that makes me sound 100 years old i am not 100 years old i swear i think i am still 24?) . It reminds me somewhat of Carissa's Wierd or Jenn Ghetto's music as S. So since i love both those bands i really dig the hell out of this.
From her website: 

"Hello. My name is Jessica.  I am 22 years old.  I am kind of a jerk.  I am full of spite and constant longing.(...)  You probably haven’t heard of me and you probably won’t.  I began writing songs in 2004 to help myself cope with reoccurring problems concerning the general nature of my relationships with other human beings.  [It hasn’t really helped.]  I’ve written a lot of songs since then.  Very few am I happy with.  I am awkward, I am shy, and I probably won’t remember your name."

She definitely sounds like my kind of person. Really enjoying this lately, check it out. New album coming December.

AND AND AND she did a 7" of covers of The Saddest Landscape songs oh my goodness that is so fuckin rad (did i ever do a Saddest Landscape post? it appears not)

Bellows - As if to Say I Hate Daylight

Bellows is Oliver Kalb, from New York state. It's a pretty awesome lo-fi pop thing like i've been posting lately. You may have noticed i go in phases. i've also noticed none of you jerks look at my past postings. You should.

13 November 2011

Fenster - Bones


Fenster is a band composed of JJ (from NYC), Jonathan (Berlin) and Lukas. I just found this today and it is super rad. Reminds me of Dead Man's Bones, with its haunting minimalist arrangements.
Their bandcamp says "deconstructed pop music" and I'd say that is fairly accurate. This is REALLY good, i hope to see more of this band in the future.

The Way We Were in 1989 - The Way We Were in 1989


It's been a good day for me finding new music! And these guys don't even have a last.fm yet.
The Way We Were in 1989 is a duo (Kelly and Joy) from Seattle. They've got a really cool bedroom-pop sound that evokes stuff like The Magnetic Fields and like Joy Division maybe. Except different. It's a creative sound they've got going on here and I am pleased to have found it.

05 November 2011

Shakey Graves - Roll The Bones

Shakey Graves is a gentleman from Texas. I don't know anything about this gentleman save for the fact that he writes some nice songs. A sort of lo-fi Americana type of deal.


for the agenda - The Downfall

for the agenda is Anton Kropp, formerly of the summer we went west, and currently of Monument. Really nice songs, i downloaded all available albums (below) and they are all pretty damn super.

All for the agenda tunes are available for free on bandcamp http://fortheagenda.bandcamp.com/

C.W. Stoneking - Jungle Blues

C.W. Stoneking is a fellow from Australia. He plays a neat revival of old-timey musics. This particular one is a New Orleans jazz type of theme. Another album he made is very Mississippi blues-y. Talented guy.


28 October 2011

Rosa - Live At the Bike Barn 2005-06-22

This is a live show from Rosa. Because I said so. I don't have a picture for this!

But it has this song, as of yet unrepresented on any of the posts ive made so far.

I'm gonna love you forever

dont make me mad. you dont have to download the show but at least listen to this song ^


14 October 2011

Ghost Factory - Tales of a Nothing Kid (preview)

My great friend Rob has an amazing band called Ghost Factory. I reviewed his last album here a while ago. My other great friend Charlie Ferg is also usually in this band as well! Ghost Factory has the distinction of being the band I have seen live the most times (by a wide margin). Never disappoints.

Anyway, Ghost Factory has been working on a new album lately. As much as i loved the last album, this one is even better than that! Here are 3 preview songs for the upcoming album. LISTEN TO THEM NOW

Pretty fuckin' awesome, eh? Go to http://ghostfactorymusic.com/ for the latest updates.

whoops i am a bad friend i got the upcoming full-length and the recently released EP confused

Listener - Wooden Heart

Listener is a band from Nevada AND Georgia, composed of two fellows named Dan (music) and Chris (vocals). This is kind of like a less-angsty mewithoutyou. Or Buddy Wakefield. Just found this! Pretty cool.


Siskiyou - Siskiyou

Siskiyou is a band from Canada somewhere? Both members were once or are still members of Great Lake Swimmers. Picture a slightly more upbeat Great Lake Swimmers, add a little bit of Okay and some other quirks that don't usually get associated with this type of quiet indie-folk. Very good!


11 October 2011

Bruce Peninsula - Self Titled

Bruce Peninsula is a band from Toronto. They do a peculiar mix of folk, gospel,  and some nearly prog-like influences. However, the most stunning and unique aspect of this band is the gospel.

'Rosie', the streaming song below, is one of the most awesome things i've heard all year, easily. It's a cover of one of the Alan Lomax-curated prison songs i posted about here.

This self-titled has just two songs, but they are both tremendous and a great introduction to the band. They have two LP's, A Mountain Is A Mouth, and Open Flames, which was just released very recently. If you dig the this EP (or the song that i make previewable now zomg) you should buy one of the LP's. They also did the soundtrack for Small Town Murder Songs.


02 October 2011

Annabel - Here We Are Tomorrow

Annabel is a band from Kent, Ohio. This is an EP of theirs. It's like a really cool kinda-shoegazey/emo-but-not-really type of.... thing.

They've got a really great sound, I recommend it.
I mean really if i put it on my blog you can assume i like it. I would never waste my precious gigglebytes on lame music.

EDIT: on Tiny Engines, also distributed by CYLS

30 September 2011

Dikembe - Chicago Bowls

Dikembe is a rad band from Gainesville, Florida. Kind of a punkish emo sound. This is apparently a night for really awesome 4-song EP's. I don't have a clue what's going on in the album cover picture, but there it is.
Also, they open and close the EP with soundclips from Freaks and Geeks. Which was an awesome show.


11 September 2011

Air Raid Barcelona - Air Raid Barcelona

Air Raid Barcelona was a band, for a while. They recorded precisely 4 songs. This is a really fucking cool demo, it's too bad this is all there is. This EP is posted for free on IfYouMakeIt.
Kind of Latterman-ish or Jawbreaker-y.


Slow Teeth - Demos

What a mystery this band is to me! I don't even remember how i found this band but all they have is a myspace, and two demos on archive.org. (This is the two demos).
The last.fm page is similarly bare, saying only "Slow Teeth sounds like vaudevillian anarchofolk, a haunted cabaret." Archive.org says they're from Portland. That's all I got.

They're kind of like Blackbird Raum or Dandelion Junk Queens. The songs are really catchy and great which is always a nice surprise when you basically find something on the back shelf of the internet with two years worth of dust on it.
'Dead Sailors' and 'Oh, Penny' are in particular very good songs.


Quick Attack - Quick Attack!

So i got an email from a member of a band called Quick Attack (from Santa Barbara), offering me a copy of their CD(s). Her name is Indiana. She is super nice and awesome so that is even more reason to listen to this!

This is Quick Attack's self-titled, 5 songs of pure raditude. Pop-punk, sounds kinda like Punkin Pie. You know like high-energy, super fun messy pop-punk. The best kind. I think 'Sevies' and 'Thunderheads' are my favourite songs. They also have a recent split that i am linking to below. Check it out!


The Wild - Set Ourselves Free

The Wild is a band from Atlanta. They're a folk-punk band is vageuly the same ballpark as Rosa. Tremendous, start to finish. If you're here, chances are you'll like this.

Seriously, EVERY PERSON WHO IS READING THIS should listen to this album. Look at that cover! The songs are even better than that!


Eskalators - Never Break Down

Apparently Eskalators is some kind of 13-plus-person musical collective from Brooklyn. Also apparently, they self-identify as "ironic bubblegum ska". Firstly, i fucking hate ska, and i really dont see this as ska at all. Unless you say any band with horns is ska. Which doesnt make sense. 

Honestly this EP sounds like a pop-punk version of Andrew Jackson Jihad with a lot more people made 4 awesome songs and then some weird momentarily reggaeish song at the end.

I don't even know whats going on anymore everything i say is just words

Mesita - Cherry Blossoms (2008)

Mesita is a fella from Littleton, Colorado. As is sometimes the case, I haven't been able to find a great deal of information here. This a very cool album... multi-instrumental, indie-electronic type stuff. Reminds me kind of like Adrian Orange or Okay. Very good album! He also has a new album available for purchase/streaming at http://mesita.bandcamp.com/

i don't know what genre tag to give this

19 August 2011

Cassis Orange - Cassis Orange

Okay so i think this EP is really rad. It's kind of Casiotoneforthepainfullyalone-ish, if you're into that. Basically i guess what im saying is that it has piano and electronic drums. Neat!
'Kotzebue' is particular is a really awesome song and my personal favourite, but the whole EP is definitely worth listening to because it is really good.



Sloppy Folk - Experience SA-Folk-Punk

A mystery reader/band member whose email name is "Dust Man" sent me this album of his folk-punk band from South Africa. It's 22 songs, including a great Crass cover and a great Wingnut Dishwashers Union cover. It's a really awesome album, with some shouty songs and some slower songs, and both punk and classic folk influence. Everything you could want in a folk-punk album. You will NOT be disappointed.


Midi & The Modern Dance - Make It Easy on Yourself

Midi & The Modern Dance is a band from Connecticut. This album quite reminds me of Wilco's Yankee Hotel Foxtrot. And i love YHF, so i also super dig this album. One of my readers actually sent me a link to this band ages ago, i just never got around to posting it. So do yourself a favour and check this out.


...who calls so loud - self titled

"Thus they continued to ask each other who called so loud, over and over again; and when Smike had that by heart, Nicholas went to another sentence, and then to two at a time, and then to three, and so on, until at midnight poor Smike found to his unspeakable joy that he really began to remember something about the text."

This album and band are super fucking rad. Ex-members of Funeral Diner and Portraits of Past. So you already know itll be awesome. 


10 July 2011

Empire! Empire! (I Was A Lonely Estate) - When the Sea Became a Giant (2007)

Empire! Empire! (I Was A Lonely Estate) is an extremely awesome band from Michigan with a name thats a little too long and a great midwest-emo sound. Fronted by Keith Latinen, this EP was their first release.

On Count Your Lucky Stars

Royaume Des Morts - L'Oeil Du Tigre

Royaume Des Morts is a band from Montreal. I don't really know anything about them, but it is a very cool shoegazey type of music. I also detect some 90s emo influence.

It is pretty rad, check it out! Worth a download for anybody.


12 June 2011

Paige Leigh Tyson - Walk the River (2011)

This is an album from my good friend Paige Leigh Tyson!
She makes lovely calming folk music, and the songs all manage to be interesting and different from each other. I think "Broken House" is my favourite.
Of particular note is how great her voice is. The vocal melodies and harmonies on this album are really, really tremendous.
So you should all check it out!
Songs are available streaming here, or available in mp3 format here.

15 May 2011

Songs for Moms - I Used to Believe in the West

edit: yes, i did forget the link for a week. i suck

So i was like 'what? songs for moms? what is this?"

Songs for Moms is an all-female punk trio from the Bay Area. I didnt know what the Bay Area was, i had to look it up. Turns out its San Francisco. Ive never been there so i didnt know that name.
Songs for Moms helped to found the Bay Area Girls Rock Camp, which is pretty much what it sounds like.

Anyway they have an almost This Bike-ish sound, or like Abe Froman.
Kill Coyotes is a really awesome song, gotta hear that one.

I was kinda all over the place here, but its a really good album. Trust Me.


06 May 2011

BARR - Summary

Brendan Fowler plays under the name of BARR. It is a very interesting spoken-word type music, with piano. Some of it is almost Astronautalis-y but also totally different. "The Song is the Single" is super catchy and fan, "Summary" and "Context Ender" are a totally different type of song but still definitely worth listening to.
I would especially recommend you to check out "Context Ender". It's one of those songs you can listen to back-to-back 5 or 6 times in a row.

"but come on what about the other things the criticism of context
like maybe be aware to the fear that that stuff matters like
but you only liked it cause you heard it with him
and the speakers sounded perfect
and you were over the other stuff
and liked the idea of that kind of thing is your new thing
and you heard it and it sounded perfect
and rules that you got it all ever
but maybe the week before would have been even better
maybe not maybe its truly so epic that it is not the context
context would be powerless to something and that is fair
but you know the songs sound better at night in the fall and october
you were fucking listening to massive attack or the peechees in a dorm
in college in 1998 and it wasnt even your room
and it sounded like the best thing youve ever heard
you dont need to change or do anything different "


The Fucking Cops - You Have the Right to Shut The Fuck Up (2010)

The Fucking Cops is a pretty great pop-punk band. It has a couple members shared with Vietnam Werewolf, and so has some sound in common with them.
Honestly, i downloaded it on the strength of the band and album name. I was not at all disappointed, it is awesome. Check it out.


Flatsound - Songs From A Few Years Back

flatsound is Mitchell Welling, from California.

This is very nice lo-fi-y folk music. Great sound, great lyrics. "I exist I exist I exist" in particular.


10 April 2011

Unfun - Sick Outside View

Unfun is a punk band from Vancouver. I had actually heard about this band... some time ago (?) from my friend Nat who knows them somehow.
So i was excited to see this album on another blog today. Now i can hear more songs as i cannot travel to Hamilton to see bands play, as cool as that would be. I have things to do (like work) that preclude me from doing that too often. Plus.... Hamilton..........

Anyway, Unfun sound kinda like they might be Jawbreaker enthusiasts! Very good album.


Noah Britton - Suicide: The Greatest Hits

Noah Britton is a singer/songwriter that has performed in several bands, including The Best Thing Ever. He's got a pleasant voice, and it sounds kind of like an acoustic Magnetic Fields.

This is a collection of some live and some non-live songs. '3 1/2 years down the drain' is in particular excellent.


The Assistant - The Assistant

The Assistant was a band from the late 90s, from NJ. Formed from the ashes of You And I. This is a very interesting album - it has clear influence from a variety of different things. It goes from grindcore stuff, to screamo stuff, mathy stuff, to 1905-ish clean female vocals. There is even a pop-punk-ish song!

I have been diggin on this album the past week. Perhaps you will dig on it as well


01 April 2011

Her Only Presence - A Brand New Start (2009)

Her Only Presence is a band from Barcelona. Definitely recommended for anyone who likes '90s emo music. It's not exactly that but it is in the ballpark while being not a Kinsella ripoff. It will also appeal to people who don't know what i'm talking about right now. It is quite lovely.

They only have 225 listeners on last.fm now so get in on the ground floor you can get mad hipster points later saying you heard about them back in the day from some idiots stupid rocketblog

(thats me i am the idiot with the rocketblog. its a rocketblog now it sounds so space-agey)