26 August 2012

Hi Ho Silver / Quick Attack Split


So about a year ago i got an email, followed by postal mail from Indiana of Quick Attack. This mail contained a bunch of rad stuff. Over this past week this album in particular has been commanding a lot of my time, so i figured hey why not make a post of it.
Some really, really awesome punk rock.


Pity Sex - Dark World


Pity Sex is a great band from Ann Arbor, MI. Last.fm says, "sad boys and one sad girl".
I say, "the truly delightful musical offspring of Page France and Algernon Cadwallader (and Snowing was there too)". That is to say, a lovely mix of pop-punk, indie, and emo music.


All We Have - Rain City


All We Have is (then was, then is again) a melodic hardcore band from Manchester, UK. For fans of Defeater, Ruiner, etc. This EP rules.

This EP is incidentally offered for free at their website