25 July 2012

Continents. - ...and silence anchored our feet in granite (2012)


I was sent this album by Continents bandmember Flo. Continents is a band from Dresden, Germany that plays a very cool mix of melodic hardcore and chaotic screamo type music. I am quite excited to have been introduced to this because it is really a killer album, through and through. Great vocals, great songs, great instrument-work. If you like The Saddest Landscape you will likely enjoy this!


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For The Agenda - On The Negative (2012)


I posted last year about a band called For The Agenda. Well, he (Anton Kropp) has released a new EP called On The Negative. Now, I loved all the previous For The Agenda recordings, but so far i do think i like this one the best. Anton emailed me to tell me about his new release, so I think everyone should check it out! It is a very unique and interesting album.

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14 July 2012

The Gunshy - No Man's Blues (2005)


The Gunshy is a really awesome guy/band that I like. He hasn't made much music lately but the guys voice is just so great I always come back to it.
It is some sad dude music for sure. But very unique sad dude music. I've yet to hear anything quite like it. Even aside from the vocals, the arrangements are quite interesting.

The Wild - A Collection


The Wild is an incredibly good band from Atlanta. They play super positive folk-punk similar to Rosa or This Bike Is A Pipe Bomb. There are not too many people making music like this anymore, actually. 
I love this band and this album.

This Is My Fist - Demo


This Is My Fist was a Bay Area punk rock band. Musically they fall somewhere between This Bike Is A Pipe Bomb, and Punkin Pie. Super awesome lady punk vocals like Songs For Moms.

Kansas City 4 Way

4 way split from The Ghost Is Clear Records, featuring Texas Instruments, Baitfish, Battle Royale, and Regret, The Informer. The four bands showcase different styles on the spectrum of post-hardcore, hardcore, emo, and punk.