30 June 2010

Defiance, Ohio Splits

Today, i am making a three-album post in anticipation of Defiance, Ohio's new album, Midwestern Minutes, due out on July 6th. (Make sure you buy it!)
But new albums come out all the time, you say! Why the enthusiasm, you say!

It's because Defiance, Ohio is one of my favourite bands of all time. It's pretty simple really. So here's some splits from their earlier years.

Defiance, Ohio and Environmental Youth Crunch (2007)

Four songs. Two Defiance, Ohio; two Environmental Youth Crunch. One of which is a cover of Fortunate Son!
If anyone has anything else EYC ever made, i've never found it. Share!

Defiance Ohio and Ghost Mice (2004)

Ten songs, five of each. One of my favourite Defiance, Ohio tracks is on this album.
That song is Tanks! Tanks! Tanks!
This album is worth listening just for that song, but the whole thing is very strong and is a perfect demonstration of Defiance, Ohio's earlier sound.

Defiance, Ohio and One Reason (2004)

As far as i know, the only other thing One Reason ever released besides the aforelinked LP. Two songs each.
I really think that Defiance, Ohio hit upon a truly special sound with the music from this era (ESPECIALLY Share What Ya' Got). A perfect blend of like... (Young) Pioneers, Jawbreaker, and plan-it-x style folk-punk.

Part of me wishes they would record another Share What Ya' Got. As much as i love all their music, and as much as i look forward to Midwestern Minutes, Share What Ya' Got was a life-changing album for me (for reference, three other life-changing albums were Tom Waits' Rain Dogs and The Heart of Saturday Night, and Andrew Jackson Jihad's People Who Can Eat People are the Luckiest People in the World).


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  1. i was listening to defiance ohio thinking about how much their music means to me when i clicked on my effort is hard bookmark (yes, bookmark) and i cannot even begin to express my delight about what i found! a whole entry dedicated not only to defiance ohio but people who eat people and waits, so i guess i just want to thank you for making my heart smile