27 May 2012

Nick Stutsman - Home Now


Nick Stutsman from Sturgis, MI is a songwriter also known for being in bands Midwest Pen Pals, Park Jefferson, and Merchant Ships. This is a super cool, sad EP. I've been listening to Park Jefferson a lot this week, so this was an awesome find. Just fantastic songwriting all the way through.


Back to Odd - Homemade Demos


I received an email from Carlos, of Brazilian melodic hardcore band Back To Odd, asking me to check out his band. I am glad he did because this album is really pretty cool! Some rough punk rock. I love the sound of this demo.


10 May 2012

Traveler - Nothing Lasts Long Enough (2012)


I got two emails from members of this band within 5 days of each other! Thanks Justin and Nick.

Traveler is a melodic hardcore band from Cleveland. The music they play is stylistically similar to some of the other melodic hardcore i have posted in the past (Defeater, Ages, Almost Home, Rescuer), which are all great bands. Traveler is no exception to this pattern. This is a great EP, if a little too short. I look forward to future releases from these guys.

I am having some technical difficulties with OpenDrive right now but the songs are available for streaming and free download (and purchase) at Bandcamp below.

09 May 2012

Park Jefferson - Weekdays (2011)


Park Jefferson is a band comprised of former members of Merchant Ships, Midwest Pen Pals, and My Head In Clouds. Five really tremendous songs on this EP.