25 February 2010

Attica! Attica! - Napalm and Nitrogen (2009)

Attica! Attica! is Aaron Scott and friends. This album was posted for free (donations encouraged) on his website (http://atticaattica.org/), to support him as he tours the East Coast of the US via bicycle.

Napalm and Nitrogen is a folk-punk album. Like Sundowner mixed with Mischief Brew, singing songs about people and wanderlust. The album kinda took me by surprise by being different from and better than i expected. He is quite a talented singer and theres a piano ballad or two to break up the folk-punk!

On another note, i am moving this weekend so probably won't find time to post. Not that anyone gives a shit but if anyone is thinking "that asshole usually posts 3 or 4 albums every weekend, whats goin on here" it is because i am hauling furniture around. I'll be back unless i explode or get lost or eaten or something i dunno.


20 February 2010

Rosa - Texarkana, Get a High Five

This is the EP from Rosa that I said back in July that I wasn't able to track down. It has three songs, and while the recording quality is not the best, it is hard to have a just-can't-get-enough band that only ever made 15 songs. I've been listening to I Mississippi You a lot again recently and I have to say that it is one of the finest folk-punk albums i have ever heard.
So this post is not only the make Texarkana a little easier to find, but also to re-recommend I Mississippi You and bring it back nearer the top of my blog. Only 22 people have downloaded Mississippi from me, and that really isn't enough as it is a spectacular album. In fact, i'll post that link as well.

Foot Ox - ooo

You may have noticed i like to compare music to Foot Ox. That is mostly because i think they (aka Teague Cullen and co.) have one of the coolest and most original styles of music i have heard in a while. I was overjoyed the other day to find that Foot Ox had 3 albums posted for free on last.fm. I thought the only one that existed was It's Like Our Little Machine. So, i am excited and i hope you are too because i love Foot Ox.

I don't know what can be said about them that listening to the music doesn't explain a thousand times better.

Radon - Metric Buttloads of Rock

Radon is one of the progenitors of the Gainesville punk sound as we know it today, paving the way for Hot Water Music a couple years later and then all the HWM followers from there on out. I would have liked to find an album of that particular vintage but it proved very difficult, so here is one from 2006.

14 February 2010

Emperor X - Tectonic Membrane/Thin Strip on an Edgeless Platform

Interesting and catchy album from Emperor X (aka Chad Matheny). A one-man band of synth drums and acoustic guitars making quirky songs occuring somewhere between Atom and his Package, and Foot Ox.

On a side note, my blog now has 5 official blogspot followers! Hooray!

Ballast - Sound Asleep (2005)

Loud anarcho-punk/crust-punk from Montreal. Similar to, and recommended for, fans of such bands as Witch Hunt and Kakistocracy. Dual male/female vocals and lots of fun to steering-wheel-drum to while driving.

Paul Baribeau - Paul Baribeau

Another album from Paul Baribeau. Superlatively genuine and heart-wrenching acoustic music. 'Never Get To Know' (track 8) in particular is friggin crushing.
I don't know what else to say about the guy. Every word he sings seems so authentic as to lower the authenticity of other music in comparison.

05 February 2010

Black Bear - The Cinnamon Phase

It's been two week, but i've been lazy. Plus no new music i've found has really caught my ear, so to speak. So i went into stuff i've had for a while.

Really cool lo-fi album from a guy named Sam Beebe. Kinda similar to Casiotone For The Painfully Alone in a way. Maybe Casiotone mixed with Foot Ox somehow. Regardless, it is pretty cool so if you like the way i described it feel free to have a listen!

Samamidon - All Is Well (2007)

Samamidon is a band composed of Sam Amidon (go figure) and Thomas Bartlett (who also performs as Doveman). It reminds me of something i can't quite name. I think it's his voice, but i don't know what i think it reminds me of.
Regardless, it is a really nice album; the guy has a genuinely pleasant but unique voice. Quiet, folky songs that (despite my earlier assertion that it reminds me of SOMETHING), don't remind me at all of other folky singer-songwriters around these days.

Nana Grizol - Nana Grizol (2007)

Another album from Nana Grizol. Depending on how you look at it this is either their first full album or a demo. It has acoustic versions of songs that would later be filled out with horns and all manner of other instruments on Love It! Love It!. I find this album shows the incredible songwriting talent of Theo Hilton (also of Defiance, Ohio) very well. The man has a way with words and a guitar that few can match. Melodic and bittersweet without ever being obnoxiously so.

Black Ox Orkestar - Nisht Azoy (2006)

Haven't posted any klezmer yet! Why not!
Black Ox Orkestar is a band composed of Jewish-Canadian musicians, many from fellow Constellation Records labelmates Godspeed You! Black Emperor and A Silver Mt. Zion.
Nisht Azoy means "Not Like This". The album is completely in Yiddish and (i'm told, as i do not understand Yiddish) about topics relating to the Jewish diaspora. If you don't like non-english singing this is probably not for you.

Kind of similar musically to A Hawk and a Hacksaw.