15 May 2011

Songs for Moms - I Used to Believe in the West

edit: yes, i did forget the link for a week. i suck

So i was like 'what? songs for moms? what is this?"

Songs for Moms is an all-female punk trio from the Bay Area. I didnt know what the Bay Area was, i had to look it up. Turns out its San Francisco. Ive never been there so i didnt know that name.
Songs for Moms helped to found the Bay Area Girls Rock Camp, which is pretty much what it sounds like.

Anyway they have an almost This Bike-ish sound, or like Abe Froman.
Kill Coyotes is a really awesome song, gotta hear that one.

I was kinda all over the place here, but its a really good album. Trust Me.


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  1. Excuse me good sir, but I do believe you forgot to post a link to the album.