04 December 2011

The Saddest Landscape - Lift Your Burdens High, For This Is Where We Cross (2004)

Okay so i'm sure lots of people have heard of this band already, but i'm also sure a lot of people haven't. The Saddest Landscape is a band from Boston, a self-described "bunch of nerds in a band that live, breathe, and eat music". They're fairly unique in that they play a blend of the chaotic screamo of the 90's with the twinkly emo of also the 90s. 
Now, the problem (not really a problem) i have with TSL is that they might be way too fucking good for their own good. They make everyone else look bad. Every song on every album is amazing and heartwrenching, and the screaming of the lead singer (i don't know any of their names) is probably the best screaming i've heard anywhere. It is shocking how much emotion is contained within that screaming.
TSL has also improved with every album and I look forward to many more TSL albums to come.

Of course, in my real life where i have a few friends that tolerate me when they have to, i know exactly 0 people that share my love of 90s emo and 2 people that have marginal enthusiasm for 90s screamo. If any of my real life friends wish to correct this statement let me know.
Although i do super wish those two genre names hadn't been ruined by the lots of shitty "emo" and "screamo" bands that existed in the mid-2000's. Trust me, there is an enormous amount of incredible music in both of those genres. Browse post labels over there ---->

Anyway, i highly, highly recommend The Saddest Landscape. Please enjoy.


P.S. i am drunk
P.P.S did you notice the new layout? moving into a new decade here what with all of the shadowed borders and flash previews and the random button top right.

oh my god i am the worst blog guy in all of the world what am i
oh my god i am the worst human in all of the world what am i

P.P.P.S Dear The Saddest Landscape i am sorry i had multiple self-referential moments in a post about your music

P.P.P.P.S this is probably the longest post i have ever made


  1. i'd say you have more than a few friends irl :O

  2. not commenting about the post-script. thanks for the download link.