09 April 2010

Ghost Factory - Ghost Factory

i can't scan the cover in because my scanner fell off a cliff and was eaten by jaguars


Album from my buddy Rob, performing here as Ghost Factory.
Literate and interesting folk-rock that draws influence from such artists as Tom Waits but ends up being a very unique creation in its own right. Very varied, multi-layered instrumentation, and well-written songs. I heard this album before I really knew him personally and was tremendously impressed at the caliber of songwriting and the overall quality of the album.
You should listen to this.

< personal anecdote>
I asked him once if it was weird to go places like a friend's party and have your music come up on shuffle amongst tunes from such as Against Me! and Brother Ali.
He said it was very weird.
I lol'd.
< /personal anecdote>

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  1. Oh my gosh, a song named after Team Zissou!