21 November 2011

The New & Very Welcome - Drowning In It! (2007)

Another great find! The New & Very Welcome is a young lady named Jessica (can i say young lady? that makes me sound 100 years old i am not 100 years old i swear i think i am still 24?) . It reminds me somewhat of Carissa's Wierd or Jenn Ghetto's music as S. So since i love both those bands i really dig the hell out of this.
From her website: 

"Hello. My name is Jessica.  I am 22 years old.  I am kind of a jerk.  I am full of spite and constant longing.(...)  You probably haven’t heard of me and you probably won’t.  I began writing songs in 2004 to help myself cope with reoccurring problems concerning the general nature of my relationships with other human beings.  [It hasn’t really helped.]  I’ve written a lot of songs since then.  Very few am I happy with.  I am awkward, I am shy, and I probably won’t remember your name."

She definitely sounds like my kind of person. Really enjoying this lately, check it out. New album coming December.

AND AND AND she did a 7" of covers of The Saddest Landscape songs oh my goodness that is so fuckin rad (did i ever do a Saddest Landscape post? it appears not)

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