16 August 2009

The Agnostic Mountain Gospel Choir - Fighting and Onions (2005)

1. Stay Here for Awhile
2. Buried Them in Water
3. Special Rider
4. Oh Sorrow
5. Weasel
6. Look Up Down That Lonesome Road
7. North Country Grass
8. Preaching Blues
9. Vinegar & Piss
10. Table O' The Lord
11. Bouncin' Betty
12. Come Along With Me
13. Death Don't Have No Mercy
14. Lighten Up, Would Ya?
15. Lousy Drunk
16. Things I Forgot
17. Not Too Bad
18. Stay Here For Awhile (Reprise)

The Agnostic Mountain Gospel Choir is a band from Calgary that plays a mix of traditional blues, old-timey folk, and gospel. They play it a lot louder and more electric than most similar bands though. Think an faster, full-band William Elliott Whitmore. Or a less bluegrassy Split Lip Rayfield.
Anyway, it's good, and they're local (to Calgary).


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