06 May 2011

BARR - Summary

Brendan Fowler plays under the name of BARR. It is a very interesting spoken-word type music, with piano. Some of it is almost Astronautalis-y but also totally different. "The Song is the Single" is super catchy and fan, "Summary" and "Context Ender" are a totally different type of song but still definitely worth listening to.
I would especially recommend you to check out "Context Ender". It's one of those songs you can listen to back-to-back 5 or 6 times in a row.

"but come on what about the other things the criticism of context
like maybe be aware to the fear that that stuff matters like
but you only liked it cause you heard it with him
and the speakers sounded perfect
and you were over the other stuff
and liked the idea of that kind of thing is your new thing
and you heard it and it sounded perfect
and rules that you got it all ever
but maybe the week before would have been even better
maybe not maybe its truly so epic that it is not the context
context would be powerless to something and that is fair
but you know the songs sound better at night in the fall and october
you were fucking listening to massive attack or the peechees in a dorm
in college in 1998 and it wasnt even your room
and it sounded like the best thing youve ever heard
you dont need to change or do anything different "


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