27 December 2011

Flawless - Something I'll Never Miss


Flawless is a band from Springfield, Missouri. I was emailed by bandmember Alex, offering a mutually beneficial arrangement of posting this album on my blog!

Alex says: 
We're from Springfield, Missouri , and we've been around for about a year.We're influenced by bands like Texas is the Reason, American Football, Jawbreaker, and Lifetime, but I wouldn't say we sound much too much like any of them.We recorded the whole EP ourselves over the course of about a week. I don't expect to necessitate anything really exciting like a review or an interview because we're a tiny band from the midwest, but if you want to do either of those that would be pretty fuckin' rad.
The more tiny bands the better! I figure if i can get just a few people to listen to tiny bands, I'm doing my little part for independent music. I'm not much for interviews (i've had a couple offers) because i am terribly antisocial, and usually rewrite emails and posts about two dozen times before i send them...

The description above gives a fairly good idea of (the influences of) Flawless's sound. Kind of like an energetic 90s emo/pop-punk hybrid. I can see the Lifetime and Jawbreaker in it. Maybe a little like 764-HERO as well. It's a very solid EP. I recently heard someone say that 90s music sucked. I had to light into them a little bit.



P.S. where have all the other music blogs gone? it seems they are derelict or deleted. Am i lamely occupying a dead neighborhood or am i valiantly carrying on where so many have fallen before me?


  1. your valiantly carrying on,you should aslo see if you can post any ramshackle glory

  2. well i could, sure...
    or, http://ramshackleglory.bandcamp.com/