11 September 2011

Slow Teeth - Demos

What a mystery this band is to me! I don't even remember how i found this band but all they have is a myspace, and two demos on archive.org. (This is the two demos).
The last.fm page is similarly bare, saying only "Slow Teeth sounds like vaudevillian anarchofolk, a haunted cabaret." Archive.org says they're from Portland. That's all I got.

They're kind of like Blackbird Raum or Dandelion Junk Queens. The songs are really catchy and great which is always a nice surprise when you basically find something on the back shelf of the internet with two years worth of dust on it.
'Dead Sailors' and 'Oh, Penny' are in particular very good songs.


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  1. Hey there! My name is Joshum and I'm the fellow with the banjo up there. Thanks for showing interest in what we do. We are still plugging right along and we are working on recording a new album right now. If you are interested in that or general goings on you can find us on our facebook thing. https://www.facebook.com/Slowteeth