07 July 2009

The Vermicious Knid - Smalltown Devotion/Hometown Compulsion (2005)

1. Smalltown Devotion
2. Century Soldiers
3. These Werewolves
4. The Ghosts of Drunken Past
5. Pop Ideal
6. Tour of Truckstops
7. The Problem's in my Muscles
8. Bodies in Bars
9. Home and Native Land
10. Naked Strangers
11. Glowing Boys
12. Waiting for my Man
13. Hometown Compulsion

The Vermicious Knid was a band from Brantford, Ontario. They were around from 2000-2005 and released 2 EP's and one full length album, then disbanded. I wasn't even aware of The Vermicious Knid until a couple years after they ceased to exist, which is a shame as they were a fantastic band. Smalltown Devotion/Hometown Compulsion, their one full length album, never gets old for me.

Vermicious Knid lead singer Tim Ford now co-owns and operates not-for-profit music venue The Ford Plant in Brantford.


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