28 July 2009

The Pack A.D. - Tintype (2008)

1. Gold Rush
2. All Damn Day Long
3. Snow
4. This Terror
5. Stray
6. Pilot's Blues
7. Hardtack Saloon #1
8. What's Up There
9. Bang
10. Paper Bag
11. Got Up
12. Cabin
13. Hardtack Saloon #3
14. Buyin' My Way
15. Walk On
16. Hardtack Saloon #2
17. Bone Handle

The Pack A.D. is a female duo from Vancouver. Consisting of Becky Black and Maya Miller, it's garage-blues (I guess?) similar to The Black Keys or one of Jack White's various bands. Anyone who likes The Black Keys will probably like this, but The Pack A.D. has a distinctive enough sound to be worthy of recognition on their own. Very well done, solid blues rock.


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