11 July 2009

Halo Fauna - Durak (2008)

1. Discourse
2. Rehashing Descartes
3. Exposure, Processing, and Recording
4. Futility and Familiarity
5. Buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo
6. Clay v. United States
7. Blame a Bird for Your Shortcomings
8. Infamous Apology
9. Desperado Plunge

Another band from the plan-it-x label, Halo Fauna was originally conceived as a vehicle for lead singer Eric Ayotte's songs. Mostly eschewing the folk-punk sound typical of plan-it-x, Halo Fauna somewhat resembles the indie rock of The Weakerthans. Or Jawbreaker with the guy from The Mountain Goats singing. In any case, it's really good. Eric Ayotte also released a solo acoustic album, which is also excellent.


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