19 July 2009

The Ergs! - Dork Rock Cork Rod (2004)

1. First Song Side One
2. A Very Pretty Song for a Very Special Lady
3. Extra Medium
4. Fishbulb
5. Most Violent Rap Group
6. Pray for Rain
7. Saturday Night Crap-O-Rama
8. Running Jumping Standing Still
9. It's Never Going to Be the Same Again
10. August 19th
11. Maybe I'm the New Messiah
12. Rod Argent
13. Everything Falls Apart (And More)
14. Vampire Party
15. I Feel Better Tonight
16. 180 Emotional Ollie

Possibly the best album by undoubtedly the best pop-punk band ever. Not that their other albums aren't good, because they're all great. This one is just exceptional. Many people have a negative view of pop-punk (and rightfully so, in many cases), but The Ergs! could almost singlehandedly redeem the entire genre on their own.
The Ergs! are reasonably well-known, but not nearly well-known enough. It's high-energy, intentionally geeky pop-punk done perfectly. Tragically, they broke up in 2008.

I read a review a while ago that said, "If you don't like The Ergs!, then you're an asshole." I would be inclined to agree.


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