23 July 2009

Nana Grizol - Love it! Love it! (2008)

1. Circles 'Round the Moon
2. Tamborine-N-Thyme
3. Less Than the Air
4. Motion in the Ocean
5. Voices Echo Down the Halls
6. Stop and Smell Thee Roses
7. Tiny Rainbows
8. Will We
9. Everything You Ever Hoped or Worked For
10. Broken Cityscapes
11. The Idea that Everything Could Possibly Ever be Said

This album makes me so happy. Featuring Theo Hilton of Defiance, Ohio; Laura Carter of Neutral Milk Hotel; and Madeline Adams (who performs solo as Madeline). Nana Grizol doesn't really sound like any of those bands but shares it use of horns with Neutral Milk Hotel and its fantastic songwriting with Defiance, Ohio. Kinda folk, kinda pop, kinda punk, all happy.

Some demos of this band exist that are almost solely Theo Hilton singing and playing acoustic guitar, and they're also really good, but this is the only full album from Nana Grizol thus far.


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