11 August 2009

Shipwreck A.D. - Abyss

1. Squall
2. Nereus
3. Samur
4. Beached
5. Helix
6. Miasma
7. Lotus
8. Erebos
9. Thaw
10. Ascent
11. Zenith

This band reminds me a lot of Gallows' latest album Grey Britain for some reason. I was actually going to post Grey Britain but it's a popular enough album to make charts in the UK so there's really no point in me posting it. Also, it would be inviting trouble. Check it out anyway.

Anyway, this band is Shipwreck A.D. They are from Boston. I just found them today and enjoyed this album enough to shelve it in my little corner of the internet nobody cares about just in case anyone stops by today and is wondering what's up. I'm really tired today so hopefully said passers-by don't much care if I don't write anything worthwhile. I was not very pleased when I found out today was only Tuesday.

Anyway, sounds kinda like a non-extremely-British Gallows. Maybe a bit faster than Gallows also.


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