09 August 2009

Clann Zú- Black Coats and Bandages (2004)

1. Black Coats and Bandages
2. There Will Be No Morning Copy
3. So Complicated
4. T [Éan Bán]
5. One Bedroom Apartment
6. From an Unholy Height
7. An Deireadh Scéal
8. From Bethlehem to Jenin
9. You'll Have to Swim
10. A Sudden Intake of Breath

Clann Zú was a band that was around from 1999-2005, releasing two albums of a unique blend of post-rock, celtic music, punk, and, at times, classical and electronica. Lead singer Declan de Barra's incredible operatic voice really makes Clann Zú stand out, and he sings in both English and Irish.
Their first album, Rua, had stronger celtic and electronic influences, but this album seems somehow more complete to me. Sadly, they broke up shortly after the release of this album. 'One Bedroom Apartment' is a spectacularly epic song and the best song on a very solid album.

Declan de Barra now has a solo career and has released two acoustic folk albums which are very good in their own right. I'll get around to posting them eventually.


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