06 August 2009

Fake Problems - How Far Our Bodies Go (2007)

1. How Far Our Bodies Go
2. Born & Raised
3. Maestro of This Rebellious Symphony
4. Busy Bees
5. Astronaut
6. Crest On The Chest/ Cold On The Soul Preprise
7. To Repel Ghosts
8. Cold On The Soul
9. Heck Yeah Summer
10. Staying & Leaving As Living & Dying / Heck Yeah Summer Reprise
11. Life's A Drink, Get Thirsty!
12. Oh Maria
13. Para Tu

Fake Problems is a band from Florida that play a sort of alt-country - punk - indie hybrid. They sound at times like a more countryish Against Me!, although I suspect that's more to do with the charismatic lead singer Chris Farren. In any case, a very solid and enjoyable band.


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