16 March 2010

Declan de Barra - Song of a Thousand Birds

Debut album of the solo career of Declan de Barra, formerly of the inimitable Clann Zu.

This departs from the epic-ness and prog influences that were characteristic of Clann Zu (especially their second album), and instead is an almost entirely acoustic album. The driving force of both remains Declan de Barra's incredible voice.

Born in Waterford, Ireland, de Barra emigrated to Australia where he would form Clann Zu in 1999. Clann Zu recorded two (AMAZING) albums and then broke up in 2004. He returned to Ireland and began his solo career. This album was recorded in a series of flats and abandoned rooms over a year and a half.

He recently released his sophomore album, A Fire to Scare the Sun. Song of a Thousand Birds is now available for free download (optional purchase) on his website.

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